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I’m a big fan of salon retailing as you’ve probably gathered. It’s the icing on the cake for salon profit.

So here are four tips I shared with readers of Hairdressers’ Journal plus three extra  tips for good measure.

My four retailing ideas for Hairdressers’ Journal

  • You can’t compete with high-volume, low-margin online retailers on price. Instead, focus on selling what they can’t sell-peace of mind, a personal service and added value. It all starts with a great client consultation.
  • When it comes to displaying your retail odd numbers are more appealing to the eye. So when you group products together, use three or five items instead of two or four.
  • To avoid displays appearing top heavy place dark coloured packaging lower down, with lighter coloured products at the top, .
  • Take photos of your retailing window displays and keep a note of how well merchandise sells in each case.

And 3 more retailing ideas for salons

The supermarkets spend a fortune on discovering, then using, shoppers retailing patterns and habits. Copy them if you want to boost your salon retail profits with these three ideas:

1. Eye-height is best for salon retail

There is a saying in the world of retailing: eye-height is buy-height.

Test this yourself next time you visit a supermarket. The prime eye-level shelves are full of the most profitable brands and premium items. Whereas value/budget lines are usually located on the lower shelves and are harder to spot.

Follow this pattern when planning your salon retail displays.

Plus: research shows that faced with a shelf of products, we read from left to right, like a book. So give a range of options, in manageable price increases, from left to right, your client is more likely to buy a more expensive hair or beauty product.

2. Use red stickers to sell more salon retail products

I agree they seem corny. But red stickers work. Especially for men. They take advantage of our love of small numbers and our association of red with a bargain.

It’s that simple. Use them.

3. An easy salon retailing trick

This is a great supermarket retailing ploy that works a treat for hair or beauty salons.

It’s so simple and seems obvious, yet many of us forget to do it.

Simply put complementary salon products next to each other on your shelves to encourage clients to buy both of them. The classic examples are apple pie sits next to custard, cheese next to butter and beer next to nappies (men get sent to buy nappies and get tempted!).

For hair and beauty salons try shampoo next to deep conditioning treatments, lipsticks with lip pencils or sun protection alongside after-sun care.

More retail ideas for hair and beauty salons

It can be too easy to dismiss retailing yet it has great potential for extra profit and it doesn’t have to be hard. If you want some more salon merchandising tips then these Christmas salon retail ideas work at any time of the year. And if you’re interested in making retail psychology work for your salon try these interesting ideas.

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