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If you haven’t discovered Twitter Lists yet then you’re missing a marketing trick.

They’re great to:

  • save time spent running your salon social media
  • keep an eye on competitors quietly and
  • and be much more effective on Twitter

Let me explain how you can use them and then I’ll show you how to set them up. It’s very easy.

And if you haven’t found me on Twitter yet do come and say hello at @growyoursalon and @lockhartmeyer

Why you’ll love Twitter Lists for marketing your salon or spa

The more people you follow the more crowded your Twitter feed becomes. It gets harder to keep up and it’s easy to miss valuable snippets of news, advice and gossip.

Enter Twitter Lists.

These allow you to segment (or separate) different types of Followers into similar groups. You don’t need 3rd party software or Apps – the List function is part of Twitter. It’s free.

My favourite Salon Twitter List ideas

I use Lists all the time for salon clients. These are my List ideas to get you started:

  • salon clients so you can engage more
  • local businesses you want to build relationships with
  • local competitors and
  • industry or professional organisations for news and advice such as @growyoursalon, BABTAC or Salon International

When you click on a List you’ll see a separate timeline with just tweets from those Twitter accounts.

Let’s say you want to do some local relationship building. You click on your local businesses List and immediately you see exactly what your neighbours-in-business are tweeting about. It saves time wading through a distracting stream of tweets.

You can create as many Lists as you like. There are no rules – create Lists that suit you and your salon.

Your secret salon weapon on the Twitterverse

And, best of all, you can add people to your List without even Following them – ideal for keeping a discreet eye on your local salon competition.

Of course, you could just go into their profile each time and have a look at what they’re up to. But using a List means you automatically get all their tweets. Marketing magic.

Just remember to make this Competitors’ List a private one. I’ll deal with how to do this later on in this article.

How to create a List for your salon Twitter account

Step one: At the top of your account you have Home, Notifications, Discover and Me. Click on ‘Me’.

A top Twitter idea for salons: step 1

Step two: A menu appears below with 5 sections. Click on ‘Lists’.

A top Twitter idea for salons: step 2

Step three: And then on ‘Create List’.

A top Twitter idea for salons: step 3

Step four: Then fill in your chosen List name. The description is optional and I don’t tend to use it. Just think about the names of your List carefully.

A top Twitter idea for salons: step 4

Step five: Now choose whether it’s a public or private List.

A top Twitter idea for salons: step 5

What’s the difference?

If you create a public List people will see when you add (or delete) them from your List. The whole Twitter world can see who is on your public Lists.

A private List is just that. Private. Only you can see it and no-one knows that they are on that List.

There are good reasons for having a public List – if you’re running an big event for example but for most salon owners I’d stick with private Lists. Certainly until you find your feet. They can’t be seen so you’re less open to gaffes.

Adding people to your salon Twitter Lists

You’ve now got your List up and running you need to add people to it.

Again, it’s easy, if a little time consuming to start with.

First go to the person’s profile. Top right there is an icon shaped like a gear. Click this and from the drop down menu select ‘add or remove from lists’. It’s up to you whether you want to click on Follow too – now they are in your list you’ll see all their tweets in the List’s timeline.

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