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With an extra public holiday coming up in June for the Jubilee celebrations some of your salon team may assume they have the automatic right to have bank (public) holidays off.

But can you decide to keep your hair or beauty salon open and insist your team come in?

It depends:


Must you give your salon team bank holidays off?

The short answer is no.

Contrary to popular belief there is no statutory legal right to bank holidays. Whether someone is legally entitled to a bank holiday is entirely dependent on the wording of their contract of employment.


The UK law on time off for public holidays

Under UK law annual leave entitlements should be agreed when your new salon employee starts work. Details of their holidays and holiday pay should be clearly stated in their written statement or contract of employment.

The law only requires you to give your salon employees 28 days holiday per annum (for employees working five days per week).

This minimum 28 days can include bank holidays but it doesn’t have to. It’s entirely up to you as salon owner to decide this when you agree terms with a new team member.


Contractual v statutory entitlement for bank holidays

Many salon contracts give employees ‘XX number of days holiday PLUS bank or public holidays’.

If you have these contracts then you are under a contractual obligation to let your salon team take all bank holidays as paid leave.

But if your contracts of employment don’t make provision for bank holidays then there is no statutory requirement for you to give paid leave on these days. You can keep your salon business open and insist your team work.

Check carefully

Check each salon employee’s contract very carefully. It’s likely you have used different versions of the contract over the years or ‘inherited’ employment contracts when you took over the salon.

Run them past your lawyer if you’re in any doubt.


Must you pay extra for working in salon on a bank holiday?

There is no legal right for salon employees to be paid any extra for working a bank holiday.

Again, it depends on the terms of your employment contract.


Plan ahead when it comes to bank holidays

Taking time off around bank holidays is always a popular holiday request. So if you want to avoid potential misunderstandings over holiday pay, entitlement to time off and last minute absences you need to plan ahead.

Remember: set the rules out clearly now to your salon team, be fair and consistent and you’ll save yourself some holiday headaches.

For more information on general holiday entitlement for your salon team visit the website.


Holidays can motivate your salon team

And finally, a word of caution before you insist on enforcing your employment contracts and making the team work.

The Chartered Management Institute highlights a survey which shows that the promise of more holiday has a significant impact on team motivation. In particular, the 16-24 age group is especially keen to be offered more annual leave. 49% confirmed they would be prepared to work harder in return for more holiday allowance.



This blog post is not a substitute for legal advice and you should not rely on the information it contains or take any action based on it. Always get professional legal advice if you are unsure about the law in relation to your business.

Lockhart Meyer Ltd disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on the contents of this guide.

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