Are you undervaluing your salon clients? (+calculator)

Attracting a consistent flow of new clients to your hair or beauty salon is crucial.

BUT retaining your loyal existing ones is even more important.

Why? Because of their Lifetime Value to your salon.

Let’s look at exactly how much a loyal salon client can put into your till over the years with my simple to use calculator ⬇


Calculate the real value of your salon clients

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is one of the most important measures of the worth of your salon client.

It calculates the expected £££s you will receive from a loyal salon client over their projected lifetime as a customer.

And it’s surprising just how quickly the money mounts up over the years.


How much are YOU losing?

Let’s take a hairdressing client as an example:

  • Say your average haircut is £52
  • A salon client visits 6x per year = £312 each year spend
  • If this client stays with you for 2 years = £624
  • If they stay with you for 5 years = total £1,560 spend
  • Keep them for 10 years = £3,120 spend

Remember, this isn’t taking into account:

  • any price increases
  • they may decide to add colour services after a couple of years
  • any retail purchases they make


Calculate your Customer Lifetime Value

What's your average service or treatment spend?
What's your average number of visits per client per year?
The annual spend per client is
If this client stays loyal for 2 years it's
And for 5 years it's


Boosting salon loyalty pays

And the business benefits of retaining loyal clients go way further than the money they put into your till.

Research shows time and time again that retaining loyal clients means:

  • Your word of mouth referrals increase.
  • Your average salon spend goes up.
  • You need to spend less time and money attracting new clients.
  • Loyal customers are less price sensitive.
  • The costs of servicing them are less than new clients.
  • Your complaints are lower.
  • Your profits go up.

It’s easy to focus your salon marketing efforts on finding new clients  but as you can see, loyal clients who spend with you for years are exactly what your salon business needs.

For a deeper dive on practical tips to get your salon clients rebooking head over to my blog here.

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