Boost your salon loyalty with this simple system

If you want to boost your salon client retention rate (and who doesn’t) start with this simple monitoring system.

Tracking and measuring might sound boring, but I promise it will work miracles on your bottom line.


Measure regularly to boost salon client loyalty

Measuring is often the forgotten part of salon marketing. Sure, going through your stats isn’t exciting but it’s crucial for boosting client loyalty and growing your business.

Why? Because the very act of measuring client loyalty shines a light on the weaker areas in your salon marketing.

Start by collecting client retention metrics (figures) every month. You’ll soon begin to see patterns and trends in the data helping you to really focus your marketing where it counts.

Measure. Assess. And improve.


Key client loyalty metrics for salons

Track these loyalty stats every four weeks, or calendar monthly. Your salon till software should run most of these reports at the click of a button.

  • Churn rate: How many clients you lose each month.
  • Returning clients percentage: How many clients come back.
  • New client recommendations: How many new clients are referred.
  • Appointment frequency: How often clients book.
  • Average spend per visit: Look at services and retail separately.
  • New client return rate: How many new clients return for a 2nd (and 3rd) visit.


Take a deep dive

Don’t just look at your overall salon numbers.

Break it down by individual team members. Is one person picking up all the new clients and walk-ins but not keeping repeat clients? Who gets more/less recommendations? Dive into the details and ask yourself ‘why’.

Spend just an hour each month to find and fix your client loyalty gaps. You’ll soon notice the boost to your bottom line.


Want more tips on what to measure in your salon marketing? Then this blog post is for you.

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