Cash in on the male market

“Male grooming might not be the biggest market, but it’s definitely the fastest growing as it becomes much more acceptable for men to care about how they look” says Fudge’s Creative Director John Vial.

Vial was commenting on recent UK research by hair brand Fudge on male grooming habits. The results, highlighted in this month’s Creative Head, provide a fascinating insight into the typical British man’s attitude to his hair and beauty regime. Or lack of it, in some cases.

The survey reveals the average UK man visits his hairdresser as often as once a month. Yet, talking to salon owners on a daily basis, I think this is still an unexploited market for many hair salons. If you fancy taking this marketing angle a little further I mention some useful reading at the end of this post.

Fudge unearthed some intriguing trends and facts  – use these to help market your salon business to this untapped audience.


Hair Salon Hotspots

  • Great news for northern hair salons. Over 33% of men from Sheffield, Manchester and Newcastle go for a monthly trim compared to less than 20% of Brighton and Bristol men.
  • But when they do visit their hairdresser these Brighton men spend!  An average of £200 a year on waxes, gels and serums making the Brighton male the biggest UK spender.
  • In contrast, the average spend in Portsmouth is only £48 per annum on these hair products.


Style Secrets

  • 25% of men confessed to secretly using their partner’s hair styling products.
  •  And 10% to ‘borrowing’ their  partner’s hairdryer or straighteners.


Hair Icons

  • The poll saw David Beckham head the list as the ultimate hair influence, with Sir Bradley Wiggins coming in at fourth place. Fudge’s John Vial commented, “it’s no surprise that Bradley’s mod cut out-styled the likes of Harry Styles and Brad Pitt. The man of the moment’s influence on the hair of the nation confirms that when a sportsman endorses something, it automatically makes it more masculine and, ultimately, desirable.”


And biggest concerns…

  • Going bald is the biggest ageing concern beating beer bellies, wrinkles and grey hair for one third of men.
  • While British men’s most regretted hairstyle is the skinhead.

You don’t have to wait for Father’s Day to start cashing in on this fast expanding market. Encourage men to book with specific offers on your salon website. Make them feel at ease: is there an area in the salon you can make a little more masculine? Have a few magazines that appeal to guys, or a daily newspaper. Look at your retail displays and group male grooming products together.

And some more salon marketing ideas for men…..

A recent study revealed that men and women are loyal to their hairdresser in different ways. Understand why and improve your client retention rates.

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