Cheap but cheerful ways to promote your salon or spa

Are you missing out on an almost free method of advertising your beauty or hair business?

Your premises.

Simple. Effective. Yet often overlooked.


Inexpensive yet effective promotion opportunities

It often baffles me why salon owners litter their premises with manufacturers’ promotional graphics which push their product not yours. Or worse, opt for shoddy, homemade posters, notices and signs. Tatty is never a good look for building a beauty brand.

The good news?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up on a shoe-string, a boot-strapped established business or a successful salon entrepreneur, this is a golden marketing opportunity on your doorstep. Literally.

Think about it. Unlike social media you’re not vying for attention in a busy feed, they can’t just click the back button as they can on your website or turn the page of the local newspaper.

Nope. Instead, they are sitting, often for long periods, in the middle of one huge advertisement for your business.

Here are some ideas to get you started and do you know the best bit? They can all be done on a tight marketing budget.


Your freebie bill board marketing

How much would a bill board in the centre of town cost you?

A small fortune I daresay.

Your windows have the same marketing potential. 365 days a year. 24/7.

Step outside now and take a look at your salon’s windows.

Are they cluttered, boring and badly lit? Or do they grab attention and entice potential hair and beauty customers to venture in?

Tips and tricks for snazzy salon windows

Look at the money and time that big high street stores pour into their window displays. Not for them amateurish posters stuck all over the door and windows. They understand the value of the free advertising.

Pinterest is a good place to look for dazzling window display ideas if you need some economical inspiration. Bear these tips in mind too:

  1. Pick a theme and tell a story.
  2. Be different. Surprise people by adding a twist or adopting a fresh angle. Avoid the predictable and clichés.
  3. Use bold shapes and strong colours. Keep headlines simple, short and easily read in seconds. If someone is driving/walking past they don’t have time to read buckets of text or decipher tiny print
  4. Eye-level should be your focus. Calculate where this is and keep the main activity around this area. Try incorporating movement to catch the eye.
  5. Update often. Passers-by soon tire of windows which rarely change. You wouldn’t run the same advert in the newspaper or on Facebook so treat your salon windows in the same way.
  6. Invest in striking lighting if you want to light up your sales. In winter and at weekends keep your windows lit longer in the evening.


Inexpensive A-boards to promote your salon or spa

Eye-catching, high quality, well-designed graphics both inside and outside your business premises will massively increase your visibility to passers-by and encourage potential new clients to look in.

Attention-grabbing A-boards do not have to look cheap and tacky. However, too often the posters are yellowing and dog-eared, and the boards chipped and wobbly.

If you’ve space for two then a matching pair of A-boards make a much stronger statement outside your spa premises. Plus they ensure you catch passers’ by attention both up and down the street.

The best outdoor advertising is limited to a handful of words and a clear stunning image. Avoid cramming too much text onto them. Keep them simple, and bold with a punchy headline message – ideally no more than nine words.


Advertise inside your hair and beauty business too

Take a quick look around your spa, salon or clinic. Are you promoting your services? Your offers? Your achievements?

  • Windows: have double-sided posters and graphics so hair and beauty clients sitting inside see your promotions too. You may want to change the message as the audience inside is different to the audience passing by.
  • Reception desk: use strut cards marketing your new services, forthcoming offers and new team members.
  • Waiting area: what do your clients see as they wait for their appointment? Use wall graphics, banner stands (if you have the space) and screens on a loop.
  • Walls and staircases: put up photograph frames or bespoke frames to cross-sell your services and products. And don’t forget to pop some in your washrooms.

The secret to all in-house advertising materials is to have them professionally designed and attractively displayed so they enhance your salon or spa brand not detract from it.

Low cost ways to up your game when promoting your salon

  • A well-targeted headline to catch the reader’s attention and ensure they read on.
  • Bold attractive design. Avoid clutter and keep plenty of white space.
  • It’s absolutely not about you. Your reader wants to know “what’s in it for me?” The most powerful words you can use in any advertising are “You” and “Free”.
  • A clear call to action – “Call xxx” or “Book now” for example.
  • Include your website, phone and social media details.
  • Change them frequently. People will get used to them and no-longer ‘see’ your message.
  • Finally, check and check again. Clients (and your competitors) will notice, and remember, if your advert or poster contains a spelling or typo error. First impressions count when it comes to marketing your hair or beauty business.


More ways for beauty businesses to squeeze more from promotional budgets

Thinking of advertising your hair or beauty business in the media? You’ll find some thrifty tips on negotiating media advertising and getting the most of your advert in this post.

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