Create a great salon customer experience & avoid this basic mistake

I’ve just left the hairdressers and I’m hoarse!

I’m also feeling decidedly crinkly around the edges and absolutely so not relaxed. Believe it or not, it cost me quite a lot of money to feel like this.

You see, I was doing a spot of salon competitor research which involved visiting a multi-award-winning hairdressers to suss out the opposition. Great work if you can get it.


A (sadly) common salon customer service mistake

Now, I had a first-class cleanse and blow dry – really great. I was delighted with it. Salon looked stunning too.

But. And it’s a big ‘BUT’. I spent the whole appointment shouting. As did my stylist. And it seems everyone else in the hairdressers.

The problem was salon noise.

Deafening music pounding away. And hair-dryers – dozens of them. All blasting out, adding to the racket.

To make yourself heard over this din you had to really yell. And the hair stylist had to shout back. So the noise levels just got higher and higher.


Missed business opportunities

It started badly with the (otherwise excellent) consultation turning into a bit of a shouting match. I was then taken to the backwash area with large (somewhat ironic) signs proclaiming it a ‘Quiet Zone’. Soothing, gentle tones would have hit the spot. But no, the thunderous music played on and, of course, voices rose.

Back to the chair and my lovely stylist and I soon stopped talking about my hair as there are only so many times you can say “what”,” sorry, say that again”. I stuck my nose firmly in a magazine and she lost out on a retail opportunity and the chance to establish a client relationship.

This is a beautiful salon; customer care (noise aside!) and creative skills are second to none. I should have left feeling a million dollars.


Are you creating an exceptional salon experience for your clients?

If you think your hair salon is a haven of peace and tranquillity with clients positively purring at the relaxation and pampering just take 10 minutes to check it out on a busy day.


3 tips for improving your customers’ experience

It is very difficult when hair salons are busy to keep noise levels down – I do so understand.

  • However, instead of trying to drown out the hair-dryers with music they would have been better turning the volume to low on busy days.
  • There were also a few empty chairs on one side of the salon. Spreading your clients out on busy days will help client/stylist conversations and in turn improve retail sales and even re-booking.
  • If your reception desk is in your salon use the chair nearest the desk only when the others are full. Background noise on the phone when booking is one of the worst things I come across when doing salon mystery shops. It makes life so difficult for your receptionist and it doesn’t give a great client experience. For potential new clients it can be easier just to ring another salon rather than carry on with an awkward half-heard conversation.

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