Give your Facebook a helping hand – with email marketing

More than half of the UK population is now on Facebook. With all the hype surrounding Facebook it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are other very important marketing channels out there for salons.


Salon marketing doesn’t stop at Facebook…

Take email marketing. It’s highly effective, inexpensive and very measurable yet many salon and spa owners believe Facebook is superior for marketing their business.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not for a minute saying your spa or salon shouldn’t be actively promoting itself using social media. What I am saying is that the Facebook and email marketing work best hand-in-hand. They complement each other beautifully.


Use Facebook and email together to market a salon

Many salon owners believe Facebook is a marketing tool to attract and find new clients. But the facts don’t bear this out. In reality over 80% of Fans of business Facebook pages are existing clients.

Facebook is a means of communicating with your clients, building relationships and loyalty and driving traffic to your salon website. And so is email marketing. Except it is potentially an even better salon marketing tool for developing relationships.


Nurture with email marketing

Think about it. A salon Facebook is not one-to-one communication. Facebook cannot nurture potential clients to the same depth that email marketing can.

Email marketing can be so much more targeted and personalised, and therefore more relevant to your reader. You send it to your client or prospect’s Inbox with a specific message or call to action you know will appeal to that person.

Here’s how. With email marketing you can:

  • Personalise your message by using their name unlike Facebook.
  • Segment your database for colour services clients, highest spending clients, ones who haven’t visited you in the last year, female clients, over 40s, yummy mummies – the list goes on. Contrast Facebook where everyone gets the same offer, message or call to action in their News Feed whether it is relevant to them or not.

The chances of a guy who hasn’t visited you for 9 months being interested in a Facebook offer on gel nail manicures in his News Feed is a little unlikely. Can you start to see how much tighter and relevant email marketing lets you be and why it matters? It really does allow you to nurture those Facebook relationships and grow your business.

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