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Have You Tried This Great Salon Social Media Tip Yet?

Have you tried this great salon social media tip yet?

Are you keen to improve your salon’s social media engagement?

Silly question. Of course you are.

Then do give this simple, yet effective, social media marketing tip a whirl. I came across it on my favourite neuro-marketing website.

An old marketing trick recycled

Posing advert or leaflet headlines as a question is an old marketing trick to generate attention, interest and curiosity. Marketers and copywriters have long recommended you use questions to grab your readers’ attention.

But does this marketing tip work in our social media driven age?

No-one had looked into this question until very recently when the BI Norwegian Business School carried out a detailed scientific study using Twitter.

A salon social media tip worth knowing (and using)

This social media research revealed that phrasing Tweets as a question, as opposed to a statement, on average more than doubled the number of clicks.

The researchers tried different types of questions and multiple experiments over a four month period. Almost without fail, writing Tweets in question format increased clicks. Sometimes by as much as 3, 4, and even 5 times.

On average, the researchers found question-type Tweets outperformed straightforward statement-type ones by about 150%.

How to boost your salon social media

The Norwegians found that a re-jigging statement such as “The hunt for status in the advertising business” to a question format “Why are advertisers so obsessed with winning prices?” resulted in more social traffic every time.

It will take you a little more time to think about phrasing your salon social media as questions but for this huge increase in social engagement it’s obviously well-worth the extra effort.

Make this social media tip work even harder for you

The scientists went a step further trying different types of questions to see if there was a noticeable difference.

And there was. Tweets which included a question which was self-referencing (that is, those referring to the reader) did best of all.

Here’s an example Tweet to show you what works best…

  1. “Read our great salon social media tip”
  2. “Can this salon social media tip boost engagement?”
  3. “Have you tried this great salon social media tip yet?”

Based on the research, I’d expect number 1 (statement format) to get the least interest on Twitter. Number 2 (question format) should do better and the third one best of all. Note the use of “you” in number 3 to make it more clickable.

The proof is in the pudding as they say – I’ll find out once I start tweeting about this blog post. And I’ll let you know the results!

A word of caution when using this social marketing tip yourself

As Roger Dooley points out in his article, this salon social media tip will become less effective if overused.

His advice “…don’t use questions exclusively, or any other type of headline for that matter. Rather, use question headlines where they will add some life to a topic, and if you can, further engage the reader with a “you” or “your” in the headline.”

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