Tried this brilliant salon social media tip?

Keen to improve your salon’s social media engagement?

Silly question.

Of course you are.

Then give this brilliant, yet simple social media marketing tip a whirl.


An old marketing trick recycled

Posing headlines as a question in adverts and leaflets is an old marketing trick to generate attention, interest and curiosity. Marketers and copywriters have long recommended you use questions to grab your readers’ attention.

But does this marketing tip work in our social media driven age?

Well, the Norwegian Business School recently checked it out on Twitter.


A salon social tip to add fizz and sparkle

Their research reveals that phrasing Tweets as a question (rather than as a statement) more than doubles the number of clicks on a post.

They looked at different types of questions over a four month period. And, almost without fail, writing Tweets in question format increased clicks. Sometimes by as much as 3, 4, and even 5 times.

The question format also resulted in more social traffic every time, with question-type Tweets outperforming straightforward statement-type ones by a jaw-dropping 150%.


Boost your salon social media

So what is it about questions that makes us want to click?

Scientists show our brains are hard-wired to try to answer questions. We can’t help ourselves.

On social media our brain instantly engages with any question we’re reading, which means we feel more involved in the post and more likely to hit Like, Comment or Share.

Posing a question can also stir up emotions in your followers who then itch to reply. It’s a sure-fire way to kick-start a social conversation.

The question psychology is why mini quizzes are popular. Here are a few ideas:

Snap 3 nail polishes then ask…

“Which is your favourite for autumn?”

This works for hair colours too…

“Do you prefer bold, vibrant colours or pretty pastel sorbet ones?”

Or try…

If you could choose one super-pampering salon treat would it be:

  • Back massage
  • Reflexology
  • Facial
  • Aromatherapy
  • Head massage

Okay, it takes a tad longer to pose your salon social posts as questions. But the massive leap in social engagement makes it well-worth the extra effort.


Ignite your salon social media

The scientists went a step further trying different types of questions to see if there was a noticeable difference.

And there was.

Tweets which included a question which referred to the reader (you) outperformed the rest.

Let me show you:

  1. “Read our great salon social media tip”
  2. “Can this salon social media tip boost engagement?”
  3. “Have you tried this great salon social media tip yet?”

Based on the research, I’d expect:

  • Number 1 (statement format) to get the least interest on Twitter.
  • Number 2 (question format) should do better.
  • And number 3 best of all.  It’s the use of “you”  which makes it clickable.

The proof is in the pudding as they say – I’ll find out once I start posting this blog on social. And let you know the results.


Just remember

Don’t overuse the question format on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter as your posts become stale, repetitive and less effective.

But don’t just keep this marketing trick for your salon social. Questions work brilliantly for email marketing, hair and beauty promotions and even on your website.


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