How ‘frequency of visit’ transforms salon revenue

If you’ve not seen Robert Cromeans perform then you’ve missed out.

He’s the Glasgow born, highly flamboyant and somewhat eccentric Global Artistic Director for John Paul Mitchell Systems. An industry legend, he’s a multiple salon owner, platform artist and entrepreneur.

This blog was inspired by a Facebook post of Robert’s, but don’t stop reading if you’re a beauty or aesthetic salon owner – this is just as relevant to beauty businesses.


Frequency of visit for hair and beauty businesses

We all know that loyalty and retention are fundamental to a profitable salon, but it’s easy to overlook the almost magical effect frequency of visit (FOV) has on your bottom line.

The number of visits per year per client is the key. Increase the frequency of visits and watch your salon grow.

Here’s what I mean:

  • Let’s say you have 200 salon clients.
  • Currently each one visits you 4 times a year
  • Your average salon bill per client is £40.

200 x £40 x 4 visits per year = £32,000 annual turnover

But, if you increase the average frequency of visits from 4 to 6:

200 x £40 x 6 visits per year = £48,000 turnover

If you can boost frequency to 8 visits then you’ve doubled your turnover without adding a single new client:

200 x £40 x 8 visits per year = £64,000 turnover

And just look what increasing the average number of visits to 10 per year does for your revenue:

200 x £40 x 10 visits per year = £80,000 turnover


Calculate FOV for your salon business

Okay, I agree 10 visits a year is hard to achieve, but it’s by no means impossible, especially for beauty businesses. Think of all those regular ‘essential maintenance’ treatments like manicures, waxing and pedicures.

Use my salon calculator below to see how much extra revenue you could generate by simply increasing your average frequency of appointments.

How many clients visit in a year?
How many times does each one visit?
What's your average appopintment bill per client?
Over a year that's £


More visits mean more retail sales

And of course, more visits means more retail opportunities, which adds to your profit.


How to increase the number of client visits

As Cromeans puts it, “Fewer clients, more meaning”. For which I read: love, nurture and cherish the ones you have and get their ‘bum on that chair’ more often:

  • Create treatment bundles to tie clients in: ‘Buy 6 manicures and get 7.’
  • Be consistent and active on social.
  • Communicate regularly with email marketing.
  • Ask for client feedback and act on it.
  • Continually look for ways to create an even better client experience.
  • Educate your team on the power of rebooking/ frequency.
  • Be generous with your personal thanks and appreciation to clients.
  • Give loyal clients perks: VIP events, reward programmes and birthday gifts.


Frequency vs. new salon clients

Of course you need to continually look to attract more salon clients but it’s far easier (and cheaper) to market to your existing loyal clients and increase their frequency of visit than it is to attract new ones. Just look back at those turnover figures examples – they speak for themselves.

Want more clients, rebookings & sales?

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