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Today’s salon marketing blog post is all about biscuits. Yes: you did read that right. Biscuits.

Let me explain.

You see I’ve just read a useful article by Richard Branson: Tips for Growing your Small Business (it’s well worth a read so I’ve popped a link later in this post).

The serial entrepreneur gives 5 tips. The one that really caught my eye is a customer service tip “no matter how big you are, details count.”

How would Branson improve your salon’s customer service?

I remain obsessive about travelling on our planes and visiting our businesses with my notebooks to chat with staff and check the little touches that make our experience unique. – Richard Branson

Which brings me neatly to your salon biscuits. Does your hair or beauty salon serve those individually wrapped biscuits with coffee? You know the ones I mean – a plain rectangular biscuit in a plastic wrapper.

Now, I have nothing against these biscuits. I’m sure they stave off the hunger pangs in an emergency but as little touches go they are not very exciting. They certainly do not make me feel “Wow! Looking forward to nibbling that with my cappuccino.”

I know, I can hear you saying “clients come to my salon to get their hair/nails done, not to drink coffee”.

So why does a biscuit matter?

Remember, I opened this blog with a quote from Richard Branson. As the founder of the Virgin Group, with over 400 companies around the world, he still checks ‘the little things’ – all the time. Indeed he is so convinced of their importance to Virgin’s customer service  that they are in a list of his top 5 tips to grow your business.

Virgin’s customer service is legendary. Branson makes millions from getting ‘the little things’ right for his clients.

Regular readers of this blog know I bang on about ‘wowing’ clients with your salon customer service. Why? Because your customer experience is what differentiates your salon from the competition across the road. And as Branson knows, everything counts when you’re creating outstanding client service – no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential. He’s continually looking for tiny ways to enhance customer service.

#SalonMarketing Tip: If you want to improve your salon customer experience (without spending a fortune) put an hour aside this week and take a long hard look at the little things in your salon.

Start with your biscuits. I’ve been served scrummy hand-made chocolates with my coffee in salons, tiny squares of Chocolate Brownie, a teeny weeny cup cake… All these add to the customer experience in a way a cellophane wrapped plain biscuit can never do. It takes very little extra time or money to offer something delicious and a tiny bit naughty. Yet it says to your client you care and want to make their salon visit the very best you can.

So if you want to run a successful hair or beauty salon follow the supremely successful Richard Branson. Constantly monitor your customer service: build time into your week to look at the little things – and your biscuits.

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