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Are you frittering away profit?

Letting hard-earned money just walk out of your salon?

Use my online salon Profit Calculator below to see exactly what your hair or beauty salon is missing out on.

Just punch in a few simple figures to discover how much extra money you could easily make. Every month. It’s a free tool so you’ve nothing to lose. And don’t worry – only you see the results.

How much more money could your salon make?

This salon calculator tell you how much your hair or beauty business loses over a year when new clients do not return for a second visit.


Play around with your salon figures

Ummm. Feeling better? Or worse? Experiment with the number of new clients you keep to see how you can skyrocket your salon business profitability for no risk. Increase your clients’ average salon spend by as little as a pound and it gets even better. Try it.

How to make more money with very little effort

Okay, so 100% conversion of first-visit clients into second visit clients is a tad unrealistic for any salon business. But having spent so much time, effort and hard-earned dosh to find new salon clients it’s plain business-sense to make every effort to keep the vast majority of them. Having realised what’s walking out of your door each week you’re probably now itching to stem the flow. Try these proven salon business ideas to improve the number of second visit appointments:

  • First find your new clients. This blog post looks at the four salon marketing areas you should be focusing on.
  • If you’re going to let new clients walk out without re-booking then these are the ones you can afford to lose.
  • When it comes to improving your salon experience then this is an easy trap to fall into, as is this customer experience gaffe.
  • Try Richard Branson’s tips on improving client care levels and these wow-winners to woo those first visit clients for a return visit.
  • Think your team could up their game to improve first visit re-booking rates? Have a look at these tips on silently communicating with clients or learn a trick or two from successful salons when it comes to great customer care.
  • And if they walk out after their first visit never to return and moan loudly about the experience online use these internet marketing damage limitation tips.


Money-making tool to share with your team

This salon business calculator also works a treat in 1:1 meetings with your team. Do you have a stylist or therapist whose first visit return rate is poor? Letting them play around with possible figure combinations powerfully brings home how much more money they could earn for the salon. And how much more commission they could take home.

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