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How To Run A Successful Salon Business – Without New Clients

How to run a successful salon business – without new clients

If you’ve not seen Robert Cromeans perform then you’ve missed out. He’s the highly flamboyant and somewhat eccentric Global Artistic Director for John Paul Mitchell Systems. An industry legend, he’s a salon owner, platform artist and entrepreneur. He also happens to favour leather kilts.

But boy does he know his stuff when it comes to profitable hair salons. This blog was inspired by a Facebook post of Robert’s I recently read.

Loyalty and frequency are key to a successful profitable salon

If you want to grow your hair salon business you may have been told that a stylist needs 500/600 clients – which will take some years to build.

Cromeans suggests you can grow it with only 200 loyal clients. The number of visits per year per client is the key. Increase the frequency of visits and watch your hair salon grow. Here’s how:

Let’s take 4 salon visits per year (which Cromeans mentions is the industry average) and £40 average salon bill per client

  • 200 x £40 x 4 visits per year = £32,000
  • 200 x £40 x 6 visits per year = £48,000
  • 200 x £40 x 8 visits per year = £64,000
  • 200 x £40 x 10 visits per year = 80,000
  • 200 x £40 x 12 visits per year = £96,000


Successful hair salons work on increasing frequency of visits

Okay 12 visits are hard to achieve, but it’s by no means impossible. And as he so simply illustrates it’s possible to grow your salon business without any new clients. As Cromeans puts it “Fewer clients, more meaning”. For which I read: love, nurture and cherish the ones you have and get their ‘bum on that chair’ more often.

Keep attracting new clients but…

Of course you need to continually look to attract more salon clients but the turnover figures in the example speak for themselves. It is far easier (and cheaper) to market to your existing loyal clients and increase their frequency of visit than it is to attract new clients.

Robert Cromeans’ catch-phrase is “If I can do it, you can, too”. He’s highly successful both as a creative hairdresser and a salon owner so he’s certainly worth listening to.

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