How to write better salon Facebook posts and get more Likes

Do you struggle to increase your Facebook followers?

Ever wondered how some hairdressers and beauty salons get a massive number of Likes on their Business Page?

In this blog I show you exactly what you need to do to skyrocket your Business Page Likes quickly and for free.



#1. Your target audience for Likes

Facebook is not purely a numbers game. You want the right people to like your page – the type you’d love to have as hair or beauty clients.

As with all your marketing, avoid trying to appeal to everyone on Facebook: it just doesn’t work. Focus your social marketing on attracting your ideal client. They are more likely to Like your Business Page, engage with it and in time become new salon clients.

Quick recap:

Your ideal clients are the ones who are:

  • the right fit for your salon philosophy
  • love the treatments you offer
  • visit you regularly
  • are easy to service

which means they are your most profitable clients.


#2. An easy mistake that costs Likes

Too many salon owners still use their business Facebook as they would their personal profile page at home.

Of course you want to inject some friendly fun into your posts, but don’t confuse ‘personality’ with ‘personal information’. People do not want to hear about your fancy new car, holiday or what you munched for breakfast.

They just don’t.

And if you keep ramming it down their throat they’ll just hit the ‘Unlike’ button.



#3. Keep on brand – you’re a hair & beauty business

Everything you post on your salon Facebook should be relevant to your brand and business. Being on-brand and on-topic means people are more likely to engage with you and to hit the Like button.

That doesn’t mean only posting about your salon or spa. Create a mix of general hair and beauty content, such as a celeb’s new hair style or London Fashion Week trends, with your salon news and updates.


#4. Get your team to Like and Share

Ask your team to like your Business Page and share posts with their followers whenever possible.

This helps:

  • Put your salon or spa in front of a new local audience.
  • Keeps your team in the loop about what’s going on in salon.
  • Builds your brand awareness with the team’s family, friends (and clients) which helps retain them if your employee moves on.

By the way, if you’re not following us on Facebook why not pop over and take a peek?

#5. Offers increase Facebook Likes

Recent research found:

  • 41% of Facebook users ‘liked’ a page in order to receive discounts and special offers.
  • 28% said they clicked ‘like’ to take part in a special promotion.

The marketing message is clear: many of your Facebook followers are hunting for salon deals so if you want to boost your Facebook numbers include special offers in your post mix.

This post from Saks works well visually with the friendly team faces and a clear uncomplicated taster offer which resulted in plenty of engagement.

I look at the pros and cons of offering deals and promotions in this blog and the best ways to give offers to stay in profit.


#6. Shares boost Likes

Shares are one of the best ways to attract more followers. They are harder to get than Comments or Post Likes but are much more valuable to your business.


Because while Comments and Post Likes show your followers are engaged, they won’t put you in front of a fresh local audience of potential new clients.

A Share is powerful. It’s a mini personal recommendation showing someone trusts and likes your salon enough to share your content with their family and friends.


#7. Quality posts attract followers

Don’t post for the sake of it. If you haven’t anything that is worth saying then don’t post.

And keep your posts short and sweet. Less is more. People skim read Facebook posts so be brief and to the point if you want to get more Likes.

  • Use short sentences.
  • Add emotion with emojis (don’t overdo them).
  • Bullet points are easy to read.
  • Get found with hashtags.

And watch out for typos. Spelling and grammar mistakes reflect badly on your salon business. They say ‘sloppy’ and ‘lacking an eye for detail’ – not attributes you want in someone who is cutting your hair or waxing your legs.

I find reading a post aloud is a good way to spot any mistakes or typos. If you’re unsure ask someone else to cast their eye over it.

Is your Business Page letting your brand down?

You wouldn’t have scruffy paintwork, out-of- date signage and a tatty reception because you know it wouldn’t create the right first impression.

The same goes for your Business page. Give it some spit and polish. Need some tips and ideas? My blog here has plenty of actionable tips.


#8. Add eye-catching visuals

Facebook tells us, and research confirms that images get the most engagement and the furthest Reach on Facebook.

So if you want to increase your Likes then include compelling visuals as often as you can. Salons and spas have bags of photo opportunities and consumers can’t get enough of Before & Afters and are happy to Share.

This professional video from TONI&GUY attracted plenty of Shares. Shot a quick video on your phone and upload to get your brand message out to potential new followers and engage existing ones.


#9. Offer hair and beauty inspo (avoid the hard sell)

Use the 80:20 rule.

At least 80% of your social posts should be non-sales (for example professional tips, before & after, behind-the-scenes, step-by-step guides, celebrating success, videos, team and salon news).

And less than 20% should be promotional (for example offers, deals, discounts, retail and last minute appointments).

Hair or beauty tips always work well. Weave in a subtle reference about a product or service but don’t make the post one big ‘sell’ otherwise you’ll have them reaching for that Unlike button again.


#10. Engage with local businesses on Facebook

If you want more Page Likes then you need to be sociable (it’s social media after all).

Mention and tag local businesses into your posts and the chances are they will Share with their followers introducing your brand to a new audience. Add an image for greater impact. And always choose brands that have similar target audiences to you.


#11. Include a call-to-action in your posts

Include a call-to- action (known as a CTA) in your posts to tell followers what you want them to do having read your post – call now, Like the Page, Share, read more, book online. You get the idea.


#12. Promote across all your salon marketing channels

Shout about your salon social wherever you can:

  • On your salon website.
  • Cross promote Facebook on your other social platforms.
  • In-salon with wall graphics, strut cards and mirror talkers.
  • On your printed pricelists, appointment cards, gift cards and loyalty programme.
  • Invite your e-newsletter readers to Like you and don’t forget to include a link to your page.

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