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New client calculator tool: beauty & hair salons

Ever wondered how much money you lose when new clients don’t return for a 2nd appointment? Watch my quick explainer video, then use the free calculator tool (below the video) to see exactly how much turnover you lose. And I think you may be surprised…

Calculate for your salon...

Calculate what it actually costs when a client doesn’t return for a 2nd visit

(And it’s probably rather more than you think)

Ever worked out just how much your salon is losing when 1st visit clients don’t book in for a 2nd appointment?

Most of us know that converting those 1st visit appointments into long term loyal clients is crucial if you want to grow your beauty or hair business.

But have you ever calculated the real cost to you?

Well, I’ve put together an  easy-to-use free calculator that lets you work out what your business is missing out on.

Now can use the calculator to play around with your own figures and see how much profit is walking out your door, never to return.

And it’s probably more than you think!

In the video I walk you through this quick example:

  • If your average service or treatment is £40
  • And your clients typically visit 5 times a year
  • That’s £200 pa for every new client (£40 x 5 appointments)

Now say  you have 21 first visit clients per month:

  • But only 33% (7 of them) return for a 2nd visit
  • That’s 14 lost clients a month
  • 14 lost clients x 12 months = 168 lost clients pa

How much does this cost your business?

  • 168 lost clients x £200 average annual spend
  • £33,600 per year has just walked out of your door.

Okay, so converting 100% of first-visit clients into second visit clients is a tad unrealistic for any business.

But having spent so much time, effort and hard-earned dosh to find new beauty or hair clients, it makes good business sense to try to convert as many as you can.

On this example if you convert just two extra 1st visit appointments into loyal clients, you get an extra £4,200 revenue every year. And that’s before extra beauty treatments, hair colour services or retail purchases.

Now use the calculator above to work out how much extra easy money your salon business could make by improving your conversion rate.

And play around with the figures – see what difference it makes if you convert more clients, or they visit 6 times not 5 times a year. I think you’ll be really surprised how a small change can have a big effect on your turnover.

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