One big salon marketing mistake you must avoid

I was chatting about social media marketing with an aesthetics clinic owner last week. They were surprised that their latest Instagram promotion hadn’t got the phones buzzing and the clinic packed with clamouring clients.

I was not.

Are you making this common salon marketing blunder?

It’s an easy mistake to think there is a magic marketing bullet. The answer to your business prayers – delivering new clients through the salon door in their droves.

Believe me. If I’d found it, I’d be sunning myself on a tropical island owned by Richard Branson, not tapping away at my keyboard in the wee hours.

Of course it’s possible to generate new clients with a single piece of salon marketing.

But, and I’m sorry to disappoint, the results are unlikely to take your breath away.

The point is…

Salon marketing should be viewed as a marathon. Not a sprint.


Successful salons get it right

The successful businesses are the ones which understand that salon marketing needs to be never-ending, relentless and continual.

A marathon, not a sprint.

This mind-set is the key to successfully attracting new clients, retaining loyal ones and making a healthy profit. Sadly, too many owners believe that one burst of frenzied activity via one single marketing channel will have their tills ringing. Ka-ching!

Continual drip-drip marketing creates awareness of your beauty or hair business in the minds of your target audience.

They currently may be happy with their hairdresser or therapist. But the job of your salon marketing is to build a fledging relationship over time with them, so when their favourite stylist leaves, or their personal circumstances change, you are at the front of their mind.

It is your salon website they click on.  Your salon social they go to. And you they call to book.


It’s a mistake to rush marketing

Your marketing must first sow the seeds of a relationship with your potential clients. And then your marketing must nurture this relationship over time.

Like a marathon runner you need stamina, perseverance and tenacity when it comes to marketing your hair or beauty salon.

It’s a mistake to think otherwise. You need to be in it for the long-haul.

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