Shhh… The best-kept secret to running a successful salon

I originally posted this blog post about a year ago. I’ve given it a wash and brush up, but essentially the point is the same.

I rarely re-visit my blogs so why this one?

Because I believe it’s one of the most valuable pieces of business advice I can share with hair and beauty salon owners.


The secret: Everything you do in your business is marketing

This quote says it all. It’s from the genius marketing brain of Seth Godin.

Everything we do is marketing – the name of things, the price of things, the way you answer the phones and the way you dress, the way the thing works. You’re judged on these things…


Marketing is the very essence of a successful salon

Seth deliberately chooses to use the word “everything”.

Not “most” or “the majority” or “mainly”.

But “everything” we do in our salons, spas and clinics is marketing.


Marketing drives booming salon growth

Every little thing creates an impression in your customer’s mind. Whether you like it or not. It all counts.

Nothing is too small to escape notice. Your clients and potential clients clock it all.

And then they judge you and your business.


A hidden truth

Scribble Seth’s words on a post-it note, pop them on your phone, keep them front of mind. Constantly remind (yourself and) your team of the hidden significance of their action or inaction.

The busiest time of the year is almost upon us. Yet being busy doesn’t alter the truth behind Seth Godin’s quote. A frantic salon may well be the reason why standards slip. But whether we like it or not, our clients will notice, and judge, this December because, “Everything we do in our salons is marketing.”

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