Small changes can make a BIG difference

The economic news is grim. Salons are starting to feel the pinch. And I’m going to talk about biscuits.

Yes: you did read that right. Biscuits. And Richard Branson.

Let me explain:

You might think you and this self-made billionaire (Forbes estimate Branson is worth $3.7 billion) don’t have much in common. But you’re wrong.

You see I’ve just been reading his tips for growing your small business. And this one really caught my eye:

“I remain obsessive about travelling on our planes and visiting our businesses with my notebooks to chat with staff and check the little touches that make our experience unique.”
– Richard Branson


Small (inexpensive) changes can make a BIG difference.

As clients tighten their belts you don’t have to splash the cash on a salon refurb to make a positive upgrade to your client experience.

Let me show you how, with biscuits:

In particular, the plain rectangular ones individually wrapped in cellophane which I get offered on so many salon visits.

Now, I have nothing against these biscuits – they are easy and quick to serve. But as little touches go, they are not very exciting. They certainly do not make me feel ‘Yummy! Looking forward to nibbling that with my cappuccino.’

Now, I can hear you saying, ‘But clients come to my salon for hair and beauty services, not to drink coffee’.

So why does a biscuit matter?


Getting the little things right

Branson believes ‘An exceptional company is the one that gets all the little details right.’

He’s made millions from getting ‘the little things’ right for his clients. He is so convinced of their importance that they are in his top five tips to grow a small business.

When your clients start cutting back on spending, wowing them with your outstanding client care is key to successful marketing and growth. It’s what differentiates your salon from the competition across the road. And as Branson knows, everything counts when you’re creating outstanding client service – no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential. He’s continually looking for tiny ways to enhance customer service.


Why does that biscuit matter?

Want to improve your client experience on a shoestring in these challenging financial times ?

Take a leaf out of Branson’s book: ‘I make sure that I spend most of my time out and about, talking to people, asking questions, making notes, and experiencing my businesses through the customer’s eyes.’

Put an hour aside this week to look at those ‘little things’ in your salon you can upgrade with a small tweak and without dipping into your savings.

Start with those biscuits. I’ve been served scrummy, Insta-worthy chocolates with my coffee, tiny squares of gooey brownie or a teeny-weeny cupcake which all added to my salon experience in a way a cellophane-wrapped plain biscuit could never do.


Shout on salon social

And remember to market your new upgrades on your salon social, e-newsletter and in salon. It costs you nothing to shout about your indulgent little treats and pampering upgrades.


Effective marketing on a tight budget

It takes very little extra time or money to offer something delicious and a tiny bit naughty with your coffee. Yet it says to your client you care and want to make their salon visit the very best you can.

Of course, it doesn’t stop at your refreshments, but biscuits are a great example of the thinking behind Richard Branson’s ‘little things count’ approach to marketing.

Save time and money

Time is money. Especially in this challenging economy.

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