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Special Offer Ideas To Boost Salon Business This Autumn

Special offer ideas to boost salon business this autumn

Do your salon profits plummet in autumn as clients stretch their appointments into December and nearer to Christmas?


And let me guess…

Just three weeks later you’re turning clients away as the salon’s jam-packed.

Frustrating isn’t it?


Are salon special offers good for business?

You’re not alone. Many hair and beauty businesses struggle to fill columns in the run up to the Christmas frenzy, making late October/November a lean time (Looking for quick ways to market your salon this Christmas? You’ll love this blog)

It’s tempting to squeeze in a flash sale to get the cash flowing into your salon, but are special offers at this time of year a sound business move?


And… no.

Let’s take a closer look:


Cut to the chase with autumn special offers

Your loyal regular clients already love what you do, so why give your profit away with straight discounting?

It doesn’t make any business sense. It just hurts your bottom line.

And it gets worse.

Once you’ve cut your prices, clients can be disgruntled when salon prices go back to ‘normal’. So far from making loyal clients happy with special offers, you’re paving the way to making them grumpy when the November sale ends.

There really is no need to cut your salon prices to coax them in. Let me show you how…


Add value to your offers. Don’t slash salon prices.

The secret to coaxing them to book in these quieter autumn months is this:

Show your gratitude for their loyalty with an added value offer, not a discounted price.

Don’t forget, your team are quiet. They have time on their hands. So put them to work.

Add value to your salon treatments, and don’t cut your prices. Let me give you some examples:

  • A complimentary file and polish for hands with every pedicure.
  • An upgrade to an Olaplex treatment with every hair colour.
  • Or add a mini-microdermabrasion to a facial treatment.

Add a complimentary hair or beauty service which doesn’t cost you much money to do, but persuades clients to bring their appointment forward, or even better, book an additional visit in November.


But my salon clients love special offers & price cuts…

Still feel you need to offer a ‘discount’ to persuade clients to book during November?

Stay with me. I’ll show you how.

Scientific research shows that people much prefer getting something extra for free rather than cheaper.

As the maths can be confusing when clients are making a quick decision they tend not to appreciate that “50% more” is exactly the same as a 33% discount in price.

They overwhelmingly assume “50% more” is better value.

In one scientific study, customers bought 73% more hand lotion when it was offered in a bonus pack of BOGOF than when it carried an equivalent discount.

Even though when you did the maths the two offers were identical value.

Want to know more? I look at the customer psychology behind this and run through the maths in more detail in my blog here

This psychology works particularly well for beauty treatments. You could try:

Book a 60 minute facial and enjoy an extra free 30 minutes. It works a treat for massages too.

You’re still giving added value away (rather than discounting your price) just like the examples earlier. It’s just a slightly different salon marketing spin, which gives the impression you’ve somehow cut your prices.


Now upsell your salon services…

It gets better:

Having tempted them to book in November you now have the chance to:


Pay attention to the offer conditions

The salon marketing trick is to be careful with the special offer terms & conditions:

  • Do you need to restrict it to selected hair stylists/beauty therapists?
  • Or to quieter days and periods of the week?
  • And always have an offer end date to create a sense of urgency.


Effective special offers without cutting salon prices

Just remember, when your team are sitting around this autumn it would be far better getting them to wow your clients with something that costs you very little, than cutting your prices and reducing the amount you’re putting into your salon till.

Interested in learning more about hair and beauty discounts, deals and promotions? Try this blog where I dive deep into practical examples, tips and business ideas especially for salons, clinics and spas.
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