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Love it or hate it, it’s the busiest time of the year for most hair and beauty businesses and you need to cash in on the festive spirit.

Are you making the most of your festive marketing? Download my free Christmas marketing e-guide for salons and spas. 38 pages packed with practical tips, ideas and advice for Christmas and the new year.



It starts with a Christmas Salon Marketing Plan…

You know December will be hectic (sorry, manic) so make life easier for yourself by putting time aside now to sketch out a Christmas Marketing Plan for your salon, clinic or spa.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the thought of writing a marketing plan. Think of it like baking a cake.

First, assemble all your Christmas marketing ingredients:

  • Goals
  • Marketing tools
  • Budget
  • Personnel
  • Timings

Now prep each ingredient ready to mix together in the bowl.

Let’s look at each marketing ingredient…


1. Your salon’s Christmas goals

I always start the festive salon planning process by looking backwards.

Ask yourself which Christmas marketing activities and promotions worked last year, and which flopped?

Did you miss out on profit because you left your marketing until too late in the day? Or perhaps you focused on December trading and overlooked the inevitable quiet spells pre-December and in the new year?

Having reviewed last year now agree your salon business goals. I’d base these around:

  • £ services turnover
  • £ retail turnover
  • Services mix
  • Brand building
  • Stylist/therapist utilisation (up-time)
  • Rebooking

Your next marketing cake ingredient is the biggest part of your plan, namely your salon or spa promotional activities. So let’s cut these up into manageable chunks for your cake mix…


2. Plan your Christmas salon marketing tools, promotions and campaigns

If you want to dive into more detail then download my free 38 page e-guide to marketing your hair and beauty business at Christmas.

Here are the key elements to include in your Christmas Marketing Plan.


[1] The most wonderful time of the year… on salon social

If you want to increase engagement then first understand your social media audience. Review what type of posts work best for your audience – tips, spa offers, questions, salon news, fashion or celeb posts. You’re far too busy come December to waste time on pointless social media activity. Make sure every post counts.

Now map out a content schedule of your main themes covering October to January. I’d include Christmas party hair tips, seasonal beauty ideas, a gift card campaign, retail promotions, last minute bookings, a push on January bookings. You get the drift.

Block out time on your marketing plan to write and schedule social posts well in advance. Plus time to search for the right imagery too.

If you don’t already use a social scheduling tool then sign up to one of the free versions – there’s more information and links to my favourite online tools in this post. Now’s the time to plan your festive #hashtags too.

If you need professional help with some festive window dressing for your social media for Christmas then allocate time on your Marketing Plan to contact your designer to chat through ideas.

Looking for more Facebook ideas for Christmas? Check out this blog: 25 steps to getting the best from this social channel at Christmas.


[2] Is your salon website Christmas-ready?

Your website is your showcase to the world. It is also how most new clients will find your spa or salon business.

Take a long hard look at it now. Does it look a tad tired and reflect badly on your salon/spa brand? Block time out on your Marketing Plan to do something about it so it dazzles for Christmas.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick DIY salon website checklist.


[3] Squeeze the most from Christmas/New Year press advertising

Snap up the best slots in local publications by booking advertising early. Most magazines are already well underway with the planning of their November and December issues. A quick call to their advertising department will confirm their cut-off dates.

Pop these onto your Christmas Marketing Plan and you won’t miss advert design and editorial writing deadlines.

Advertising is expensive so you need to squeeze the most from it – check out these useful salon advertising guidelines and tips.

When booking media advertising always try to negotiate some editorial as part of the package. If you can’t manage this then try this trick for getting some local press coverage.


[4] A salon ‘Winter Wonderland’

I’m sure your Christmas promotional materials have now arrived from your hair or beauty product manufacturers.

Don’t leave them sitting in their cardboard tubes forgotten in a corner. Unwrap them at this planning stage and think about whether they:

  • are expressing the right message for your business
  • are eye-catching and complement your brand
  • are the right size and shape to be useful

Umm… perhaps you need to produce some additional bespoke salon materials of your own rather than recycle the manufacturers’ ones which place the focus on their products, rather than your salon or spa?

Yes? Then put it on your Salon Christmas Marketing Plan.

Plot time on your Marketing Plan to decide on your salon or spa decoration theme and plan in a shopping trip for window dressing and in-salon accessories. It all adds to that wow client experience.


[5] Your Christmas promotional campaigns

Next, blank out time on your Plan to decide what holiday offers you’re going with this year and also the time to get them written, designed and your team briefed.

At the moment, your key task is to allocate time on your Christmas Marketing Plan to ensure it happens. I’ll be sharing some salon and spa promotional ideas over the next few weeks.


[6] Try some festive local networking

Carve out time on your Marketing Plan to contact local business owners to partner with for Christmas and new year offers.

I’m thinking restaurants, florists, jewellers, beauty salons if you’re a hair salon and vice versa, local gyms and bars.


[7] Christmas retailing success

December is your biggest spa or salon retail opportunity of the year.

Don’t miss it.

It makes sound business-sense to plan your merchandising displays and retail offers now. You’ll be too busy in a few weeks. Try these holiday retailing tips to drum up salon sales.


[8] Better safe than sorry this December

A Christmas Marketing Plan allows you to anticipate and eliminate potential problems in salon over these demanding festive weeks. Two thoughts here:

  1. Check current stock quantities for your standard salon printed materials. The very last thing you want to do is run out of price lists, gift cards, Recommend a Friend leaflets or reward club materials in the mad December rush. Use this quiet time now to minimise hassle later.
  2. It might snow.



Think back a few years and we had plenty of bad weather, ice and the white stuff in December.

It’s way too late to make plans once the flakes are falling. Instead, you want to be preparing on a balmy autumn day (like today). Read my practical tips on a White Christmas and keeping your hair and beauty business open here.


[9] Banish the new year salon blues

In the run up to the festive frenzy it’s easy to overlook the quiet months of the new year. January and February are notoriously poor for hair and beauty businesses. You’ll find some fresh ideas here on boosting January profits.

Warning: Start now for the best results.


3. Plan your Christmas marketing budget

Your Christmas Salon Marketing Plan should now show the start and finish of your main promotional activities and outline the preparatory work needed, so fixing a budget should be easy.

Always have a marketing budget in mind for Christmas and the new year. It’s far too easy to spend here and there as you go along and then get a nasty shock as the bills roll in come January.

I always add 10% extra to any salon or spa marketing budget just to be on the safe side as things can, and do, appear when you least expect them.


4. Your team

Your last planning task is getting the team on-board. Pencil in a couple of Christmas-related team meetings on your Marketing Plan. You now have your marketing blueprint for Christmas business success. You’ve baked a marketing cake.

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