Think small if you want bigger salon profits

Fancy popping an extra £40,000 on the bottom line this year?

No, this isn’t the latest internet ‘get rich quick’ scam.

Quite the opposite:

It’s a simple daily habit which sounds small and insignificant, but soon mounts up to a tidy sum.


Boost salon revenue painlessly

A client called last week saying he needed to boost profits as his rent had just increased. He runs an award-winning successful salon in London commuter belt country.

Here’s what I suggested:

“Just get each team member to add £20 to their average daily takings.”

That’s it.

I’ll show you how to make it work in a moment, but first let’s have a quick look at the maths.

Let’s say you have 8 team members.

If each one takes just £20 extra per day, that’s £160 a day in your till.

£160 a day x 5 day week = £800 a week.

Yep, I was surprised how it adds up too. £800 a week is certainly worth having.

£800 x 52 weeks = £41,600.

£41,600 all for just a £20-a-day habit


Calculate your salon’s potential

See what your salon team could earn for you with my calculator below.  Just fill in the number of team members you have, how much you feel is feasible for them to add each day, and it’ll calculate your salon’s extra revenue.

For how many team members?
How much extra per day per team member
How many days a week are you open?
That's £
 extra per day.
Which is £
 extra per week.
Over a year that's... £


The small things all add up

Don’t dismiss this business idea because it sounds so simple. It really works.

Vincent Van Gogh hit the nail on the head when he said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

To get started, first work out each team member’s average daily takings. Your till software might do this for you.

If not, take their annual takings in the last 12 months, then divide by the number of days they actually worked (i.e. exclude holidays and sickness in your calculations).


How to increase their daily average

First, reassure your team that the £20 doesn’t have to come from one client. It can be a few pounds here and there.

Neither does it have to be £20 every day. On quieter days when they have gaps in between clients and can up sell their services it’s easier to add an extra £40 than it is on a manic Saturday. The average for the week is the same.

Here are some ideas to get you (and them) thinking:

  • Up sell a hair treatment at the backwash.
  • Convert an express manicure to a premium one.
  • Convince a client to add a handful of highlights to her usual tint.
  • Sell an extra retail product.
  • Persuade a client to tint her eye brows, not just her lashes today.
  • Suggest an Olaplex treatment whilst she’s having colour.
  • Add a cut-throat shave to the monthly hair cut
  • Or a chest wax while he’s having a back wax.


Make it a salon habit

So how do get your team onboard and upping their daily takings?

Simply make adding an extra £20 each day a new habit.

A team habit.

A habit doesn’t have to be boring, tiresome or dull. Make it fun. Turn into a game. Give the game a name if it helps.

Experts say it takes about 30 days to form a habit so be prepared to support, inspire and motivate your team through this habit-forming period:

  • Offer an incentive to those who achieve the target.
  • Put discreet prompts around the salon for the team – on the staff room door, the till computer screen and by the kettle.


Slowly, slowly

Feel £20 is too high for your salon team?

Try £10 a day which will give you over £20,000 extra annual revenue.

Worth having?

I’d say so.

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