Transform your salon price list into a powerful selling tool

Do you see your salon price list as just another admin job to get done and out of the way? If so, think again.

In this blog post I’ll show you how to transform your hair or beauty price list into a powerful salon marketing tool that will bring in more clients and encourage your existing ones to spend more.

Just to be clear – I’m not talking about the actual prices you charge, but how you present your salon price list – both online and in print. Even small changes can make a big difference.

Not sure where to start? Follow my key salon price list pointers below:


#1. First impressions count in marketing

Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to first impressions (and you only get one chance to make a good first impression).

You’re selling a pampering experience, not engineering widgets, so instead of using the heading ‘Salon Price List’, why not replace it with the ‘Salon Services Guide’ or ‘Treatment Menu’. This sounds much more inviting.

Another practical benefit is the price flexibility that the term ‘guide’ or ‘menu’ gives you. It’s less rigid and gives you the ability to adjust prices at the till if you need to for any reason. It’s easier to add to the stated price for any extras carried out during an appointment if you have a ‘price guide’ rather than ‘price list’.


#2. Keep salon prices simple to read

Research has shown that buyers respond best to ‘rounded’ prices – for example, use ‘£30’ or ‘£40’ rather than ‘£29.99’ or ‘£39.99’. Not many of your clients will be fooled by this corny pricing technique. And that ‘99p’ also suggests something of lesser quality or some kind of ‘bargain’ price.

If you feel you have to use pounds and pence, avoid amounts such as ’£29.99’ and use prices such as ‘£29.95’.

But ideally, round figures are always best.


#3. The power of nine

Here’s a proven marketing tip that’s based on psychological research into shopping behaviour:

People like the number ‘9’.

So if you’re thinking of charging something between £45 and £50, always go for £49.

The research shows that this positive effect is especially true for new services. So apply the power of nine when introducing a new beauty treatment or hair service in your salon. This technique really will result in considerably more sales.


#4. A dedicated price list page on your salon website

Make sure your hair, aesthetics or beauty price list has its own dedicated webpage.

Facebook lets you display your price list by adding a ‘Services’ tab to the menu. For Instagram your options are either a Story Highlight or a Guide.

Neither of these get my marketing vote if you have a salon website. Instead, I’d drive traffic from your social platforms to the website pricing page as once on your site potential new clients are more likely to be tempted to explore what you have to offer and pick up the phone.

Plus having social price lists means it’s another place to manage every time you make pricing changes and increases the chance of inconsistencies or incorrect pricing.

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Here are my top marketing tips on how to make this really work for your salon or clinic:

  • Don’t rely on your online booking page to display your prices – always create a separate webpage for your prices and treatment/service descriptions.
  • Remember: displaying your salon prices sets expectations and makes a strong first impression.
  • Be upfront and clear about your prices on your website. This is less intimidating for potential clients who may be unwilling to call in or ring up to ask about treatment/service costs. They’ll be far more confident about making an appointment if they’re clear about how much they’ll be paying in advance.
  • Always provide a clear link to your pricing information from your navigation menu, homepage and other pages to help drive traffic.
  • Use your price list to shout about any free consultation services you offer for certain treatments and services.
  • Link to your salon loyalty programme from your price list page.
  • Be clear about services and treatments that are priced on an individual basis following a consultation, for example, bespoke salon services such as colour correction.
  • Always highlight any complimentary extras included in the price.


#5. Consider a gender-neutral salon price list

As a quick but important aside, consider making your salon price list gender neutral. This can work well for your profitability but will also protect you from unwelcome and time-consuming accusations of discrimination that may also affect your reputation.

For hair salons, make it clear in your price list that your prices are based on both:

  • the type of hair your client has and whether the style is long or short (above the jaw or below the jaw prices could be charged) and
  • the stylist’s level of experience.

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#6. Display prices next to salon treatments

When my agency designs salon websites we often come across separate price list and treatment/service pages – especially for beauty salons or aesthetic clinics.

If you’ve a long list of treatments with detailed descriptions the temptation can be to list your prices separately on an at-a-glance price list page because of the sheer volume of text.

But don’t. Where possible, keep your prices and treatment descriptions on the same webpage.

Why? Because salon clients won’t have to flick between pages or follow more links, which can be irritating, particularly on a phone screen, and impatient viewers are likely to click away in search of an easier-to-use site.

Don’t forget: many clients and potential clients will be viewing your website on a mobile device – so avoid creating really long online price lists that require endless scrolling.

If you offer a wide choice of services/treatments that need more space than one webpage page, divide the information up in a logical way into individual pages. And include prices next to the treatments.


#7. Salon price lists by design

When designing your price list think like a pro and learn from the experts. Flick through any magazine or media website and you’ll see that the most interesting and important articles are always placed at the top of the right-hand page – because that’s where readers almost always look first.

Make this design know-how work for you by putting your most profitable services at the top right of your price guide – whether it’s hair extensions or a pamper day package. This design trick applies for both the printed and online versions of your price list.

Get your graphic/web designer to highlight the information using boxes, imagery, colour, or animation to make it a real eye-catcher.

And don’t crowd other information around this highlighted section – surround it by plenty of space so it really pops visually.

Never waste this valuable space on services that don’t boost your bottom line.


#8. Avoid jargon in your salon price guide

You know what you mean. But do your clients?

Don’t assume they understand all the technical and insider jargon that you and your team use every day.

For example, hair salons can fall into this trap when it comes to colour services. You and I know what the heading ‘Technical Services’ means, but your average hairdressing client probably won’t.

Always think of a clear and simple alternative – in this case, ‘Colouring Services’. Then everyone knows what you mean and potential clients won’t be intimidated or put off.

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#9. Why printed salon price lists are still important

Are printed salon price lists too last-century to contemplate?

No, definitely not. Don’t make this marketing mistake. Here’s why:

1. An excuse to pop into your salon

You can hand out your printed price lists to potential clients who pop into your salon on spec. A pile of price lists clearly displayed in your reception area also gives them a good excuse to step through the door – especially for potential clients who want to suss you out but may feel a little intimidated at first. A well-designed price list handed over with a winning smile will work wonders.

2. Cross sell salon services and treatments

Don’t forget your existing clients – a printed price list is a powerful way to remind them of all the other services you provide. This is especially important for beauty salons who can tempt existing clients with additional services and treatments they may not have tried before. Hand them your price list with a few options highlighted as recommendations.

3. Useful local partnership marketing tool

If you’re working with other local businesses as part of a mutual marketing plan, printed salon price lists can be handy for your new business buddy to hand out to their customers.


#10. Don’t forget your salon window

Make space in your window for a clear list of your salon services and prices (plus a telephone number and social for those who don’t want to pop in to make an appointment or who are passing by when you’re closed.)

This is a great way to attract new clients who live or work locally and regularly walk past your salon – remember to make your window display as eye-catching as possible so it really attracts the attention of passers-by.


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