Who is your spa or salon’s ideal client?

It’s an easy trap to fall into… trying to be all things to all people.

Marketing your spa or salon to the widest possible audience can seem like the best way to grow your business, boost your profits and become more successful.

But is it?


Transform your spa business

If you want to transform your business understand this simple piece of marketing advice from best-selling author Seth Godin:

Everyone is not your customer.

In other words, forget trying to appeal to everyone. Instead, focus your spa marketing messages, promotional activities and client experience on attracting your ideal client.

You’ll see extraordinary results.

Your ideal client is the ideal fit for the services and client experience your salon or spa offers. They:

  • love the treatments you offer
  • are easy to service
  • buy frequently from you
  • are always recommending you to their friends
  • and therefore are highly profitable.

These “ideal customers” are the type of clients you want more of. In fact, you want them queuing up at your door if you want to grow.

You don’t need time-hungry coupon-hoppers, tricky clients who soak up oodles of your valuable time and energy, or ones who expect the moon-on-a-stick for peanuts. And most of us have a few of these.

3 steps to make your spa business fly

  1. Analyse what your salon or spa does best and most profitably your business strengths.
  2. Now work out who is your ideal customer to complement these strengths.
  3. Then tailor your marketing messages and brand to attract more of these ideal clients.


How do I identify my spa’s ideal client?

The chances are that 80% of your spa profit comes from 20% of your clients.

The classic 80:20 rule.

These 20% are your ideal customers. The ones that make your till ring.


To discover your spa or salon’s ideal client profile, list out your top 20% of highest spending clients. If you have salon software this is a standard report, otherwise a spreadsheet is handy.

Now study these clients for common patterns: age, social demographics, gender, choice of beauty service, geographical location.

Are they affluent 40+ women, local yummy mummies, price-conscious, image-driven under 30’s, professionals who work round the corner or loyal seniors? Which spa treatments do they have? Do they visit at certain times? How often do they recommend? Which therapist do they ask for?

Create a detailed profile of your ideal client. Really get to know them and what they value and love about your spa.


Targeted spa marketing speaks volumes

When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.
– Meredith Hill

Using this ideal client profile tailor your entire spa marketing, your brand positioning and customer journey to “speak” to these ideal clients.

Avoid trying to appeal to everyone: it just doesn’t work. Focus your spa marketing on your ideal clients.

The ones that make you more profit. More easily. More often.


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