Why a salon blog boosts business and how to write one

Is your salon blog on the back-burner? Did you always mean to start one for your hair or beauty business but never quite got round to it?

If so, you’re missing a marketing trick.

Blogging is still an important promotional tool for your salon or spa:

  • Your blog will multi-task providing great material to use across your salon social media platforms and for email marketing – helping to keep your business in the limelight.
  • It will set you apart as a trusted professional and ‘go-to’ hair or beauty expert.
  • It will help your website to rank higher on Google and other search engines.


Why blogging boosts your salon brand


#1. Give your salon marketing a personal touch

Use your blog posts to add that all-important personal touch to your salon marketing activity. Blogging is one of the best ways show the world that you’re:

  • Professional.
  • Knowledgeable.
  • Friendly.
  • Approachable.
  • Trustworthy.

Don’t turn it into a hard sell for your salon business. Instead, use your blog to:

  • Share your expertise.
  • Project your personality.
  • Show that you genuinely care about your clients and can deliver what they want.


#2. Google rewards a blog

Google will share the love if you write high-quality salon blog posts that are packed with well-written tips and useful information.

This is because regularly published top-notch content helps your website rank higher in Google and be easier to find online This in turn drives more people to your website and more new clients into your salon.


#3. Blogging builds relationships

Your clients will love a well-written, informative and engaging blog brimming with the latest news, information and advice about all things hair and beauty. This will set your salon apart and firmly establish your experience and expertise.

Everyone wants a trusted expert to turn to – and this is especially true for your salon clients when it comes to hair and beauty tips, tricks and trends.

And in the beauty and hair game trust is priceless.


#4. Attract new salon clients with a blog

New clients are a key target audience. Your salon blog posts should be attention-grabbing, helping potential new clients to:

  • Get to know who you are and what you do.
  • Feel they can like and trust you.
  • Make the next move and book a first appointment with you.

Remember: trust is king when it comes to attracting… and keeping… new clients.

Make brilliant blogging a breeze

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How to write a brilliant salon blog

What are the secrets of great blog writing? Here are my top tips if you are just starting out – or if you want to make improvements to your current salon blog.

#1. How often should you post a blog?

A good rule of thumb is to publish a salon blog post once a month. This means you will be posting on a regular basis, but not so often that you find it too difficult to keep up.

Posting once a week for a few weeks then nothing for months on end won’t achieve anything. A monthly post is manageable timewise and will ensure long-term consistency.

Don’t forget: make your salon blog posts multi-task

Pick out key quotes, tips or advice from your salon blog posts to use as snippets on your social media with links back to the original post.

If you’re posting a salon blog post monthly, you should be able to create three or four related social media posts throughout the month. It’s an easy way to create interesting, engaging content for your social media.


#2. How long should my blog post be?

Do you like reading long, rambling articles when you’re surfing the net?

Or do you flit from page to page until you find something that really catches your attention, isn’t too long and is easy and appealing to read?

I’m guessing the second option. This will be true of most of your readers too – so always have them in mind when creating your salon blog posts:

  • 400-450 words is fine – but make sure they really pack a punch.
  • Break up your text into lots of paragraphs.
  • Use bullet points and headings to break up the text even more.
  • Include relevant and eye-catching imagery or graphics to draw your reader in. (Pictures really do paint a thousand words.)
  • Write tightly, precisely and concisely.


#3. What are the best things to write about?

Your readers don’t want a hard sell. They don’t want to be told to buy, buy, buy or book, book, book.

They want to know: what’s in it for them? How can you make them happier, more confident, more knowledgeable, more of whatever they want to be?

This is where your hair and beauty knowledge and expertise come in. You can show you’re ahead of the curve, you have the answers, you understand what they want – and can give it to them in spades.

Do include one or two product or treatment recommendations if relevant, but don’t overdo this. When creating your salon blog posts, concentrate on the content:

  • Is a pregnant celebrity in the news? Write about the solutions to beauty challenges faced by new mums such as hair problems and stretch marks.
  • Share red carpet beauty tips and how-to Hollywood hair guides when the Oscars come round.
  • Take your cue from local news too: use community stories as a hook for your hair or beauty blog post.
  • Don’t forget all the usual special days during the year such as Mother’s Day and Christmas when you can write about gift ideas and special treats, as well as the changing seasons when hair and skincare advice is needed as the days get hotter or cooler.
  • Introduce your team and showcase their qualifications and expertise – this is great for building trust.
  • The summer months are most popular for weddings – so you can write about bridal hair, make-up and beauty tips.
  • Think about targeting particular age groups – for example, ideas for ageing skin and hair.


#4. How do I give my salon blog personality?

Put your salon team in the limelight: include their thoughts, ideas and opinions on products, treatments, and anything newsy that’s happening in the world of hair and beauty.

  • Is a team member about to go on holiday? What are their top skin and haircare tips for vacations and what’s the one product they wouldn’t be without while away?
  • How do your team deal with their everyday hair or beauty challenges and what’s their best product or treatment discovery of the year so far?
  • Write a ‘Q&A’ type blog post on particular topics with answers provided by your expert team members.

Adding personality to your salon blog posts conveys a friendly, switched-on impression of a great team who are willing to share their expertise in a chatty and down-to-earth way.

This will promote trust in your readers and make them want to be part of your positive salon vibe.


#5. Check your blog’s spelling and grammar

Yes, I know it’s a bit of a boring one, but dodgy spelling and grammar can really let your salon down.

If your salon blog post is littered with errors and looks slapdash and sloppy, what does that say about standards in your salon? Can you be trusted? Maybe not.

If you’re not confident about spelling and grammar, ask someone reliable to check your blog post before you publish it.

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