Win hearts & clients on salon social media

Amid the flurry of new social platforms and marketing strategies, one principle remains timeless:

People do business with people they ‘Know, Like and Trust.’

This marketing principle is KEY if you’re looking to attract new clients for your hair or beauty salon on social media.

Here’s why:


What is the ‘Know, Like and Trust’ factor

The ‘Know, Like and Trust’ factor (known as ‘KLT’ for short) is a three-stage marketing journey you take potential clients on which ends when they book their first salon appointment.

Let’s take a quick look at each element:

Each stage is equally important to your overall salon marketing success.

Know starts the connection.

It’s when potential clients first become aware of your salon’s existence. They learn about your services, your brand story, and what makes you unique.

Like deepens this connection.

This isn’t about social likes and followers. Rather this is when potential new clients start to relate to you, your team, your skills and expertise and your brand values. And, crucially, begin to understand how you might solve their beauty or hair concerns.

Trust is the final stage of the marketing journey.

It is only when someone trusts that you are skilled, experienced, credible and reliable that they will ‘trust’ you with their face, body or hair.  And book.

Salon social media is a powerful marketing tool to take potential clients on this 3-stage KLT journey…


‘Know, Like and Trust’ in salon social marketing

KNOW: Build local awareness

Social media gives you an exceptional marketing opportunity to introduce your salon to a big new local audience.

Using your salon social you could:

  • Buddy up with like-minded local businesses.
  • Advertise on social media.
  • Collaborate with local micro-influencers.
  • Use local hashtags as well as your salon brand hashtag.

Because it’s only once locals know you exist that you can you start to build a relationship. And move them to stage two – ‘Like’ 👇🏼

LIKE: Tell your story

To make your potential new clients ‘like’ you, it’s vital to present a relatable and authentic image on your salon social.

Do this by:

  • Creating high quality content that resonates with your target audience.
  • Engage with your audience through comments, shares, likes, and responses.
  • Be active in local community posts and groups.
  • Encourage clients to share their experiences with user-generated content.
  • Share stories about your salon, team members and clients to make your brand more relatable.

Which now means potential clients are ready for the last stage of the KLT journey – ‘Trust’ 👇🏼

TRUST: Confidence in your expertise

When someone trusts you, they feel safe with you.

Building trust in your hair and beauty expertise, team and business is an ongoing process. And trust can be quickly lost so it’s crucial that your marketing activity constantly and consistently reinforces the trust messages.

So how can you nurture this trust on your salon social?

  • Consistently deliver quality content (not just a look-book of client work).
  • Share client video testimonials and online reviews.
  • Position yourself as an expert with advice posts and professional tips.
  • Showcase your results with before and after photos with long form explanatory captions.

Totally get the KLT formula but feeling too overwhelmed and time-pressed to put it into practice?

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You’ve successfully guided potential new clients through this 3-part marketing journey using your salon social.

Now what?  👇🏼


Convert lookers to bookers

Now potential clients trust you’re a proven, safe pair of hands and offer a wow client experience use your salon social persuade them to take action. To book.

To convert these lookers to bookers.

  • Create special offers or promotions exclusively for your social media followers.
  • Offer added value promotions.
  • First visit discounts (one of the very few times I like to use a discount).
  • Run a giveaway.

And remember…

Once they’ve completed the ‘Know, Like and Trust’ journey and booked, get them started on their next marketing journey to become a regular, loyal client who recommends you.

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