5 ways to build juicy local links to your salon website

Want to grow your salon or spa?

Of course you do.

And one of the best ways to grow your business is to be first on Google searches for your local town or area. Why? Because when potential new clients are Googling for a new hair or beauty salon your website needs to be the first one they see.

You may already know that getting quality back links from local websites to your salon website is an important factor for ranking well on Google locally.

However, getting these local links is easier said than done. It can seem a daunting salon marketing task.


In this online marketing blog post I’ll show you:

  • Why quality local links will help grow your hair or beauty business
  • 5 practical ways to get local links for your salon or spa website


Why local links to your salon website will grow your business

Persuading other website owners in your town or locality to link their website to yours can skyrocket salon growth in 3 ways:

  • Helping you rank on Google: The number and authority of the sites linking to your website are a factor Google uses when ranking your website for your town. For example, if you want to rank top for ‘aesthetics clinic Brighton’ all things being equal, Google will favour the website with the most quality back links to it.
  • More website visitors: A link from a local business or community website will drive traffic from that website to yours. It’s a great way to build awareness locally of your salon or spa and boost your online traffic.
  • Piggy-back marketing: To gain website links (as we’ll see below) you, or your agency, will need to be proactive locally and engage with your neighbours. This is the perfect excuse to network in your local area and expand your business connections. Partnering with local businesses (who share similar target audiences) is one of the best ways to market your salon through word of mouth.


Which local website links are best?

The status (known as ‘the authority’) of the website linking back to you is important in Google’s eyes. For example, a link from a well-known local newspaper such as the Western Daily Press or the Manchester Guardian will carry more weight than a link from your local independent florist.

That’s not to say that the florist’s back link to your website won’t count or send traffic – it will. But it’s a fact of online life that some websites are more authoritative than others in Google’s eyes. They are invariably ones which have the most visitors too, so it follows they are most likely to send the most online traffic to your salon website.


5 Local link building tips for your hair or beauty business website

Just to re-cap: we’re looking for companies and organisations in your local neighbourhood who have a website and are happy to link back to your salon or spa website. The link needs to be relevant and all the marketing ideas below should tick the relevancy box.

And don’t forget to ask for links from their social media too – they will all help drive growth for your hair or beauty salon.


All 5 link-building ideas have oodles of salon marketing potential beyond merely gaining those priceless website links.


1. Salon website links from local business awards

Most towns and local communities run annual awards for local businesses. You don’t have to win to feel the online marketing benefits. Most awards feature the short-listed finalists with links back to their websites. These links often stay on the website long after the winners have been announced.

Not only do you get a Google-pleasing back link to your salon website, your connection with a local excellence award will build your reputation and brand, and drive that all important traffic.

Try searching on Google for “Business Awards Brighton” or “Customer service award Brighton” to kick off your search for locally run competitions. Many local newspapers run them as do Chambers of Commerce and other local business organisations.

And don’t forget you don’t have to enter to get a website link. You may prefer to sponsor a local award, say for customer service excellence, to get that all-important link to your salon website.

2. Local media links to your salon or spa website

Getting PR for your salon or spa not only enhances your reputation, it can also give you a juicy back link. Win-win.

You need to make life easy for the local media – they don’t have the time or inclination to go hunting around looking for your salon website. Whenever you issue a press release always include a hyperlink to your website.

For a detailed look on how to write a press release for your hair or beauty business try this tutorial.

3. Sponsorship leads to local back links for your salon

Sponsorship doesn’t have to break the bank. And as well as giving you a website back link it repays with countless PR and promotional opportunities, generates valuable goodwill and builds your salon’s brand awareness in the locality. What’s not to like?

#SalonMarketing Tip:

Assessing sponsorship opportunities? Always look for an event or organisation which shares a similar target audience to your own.

Some ideas to get you thinking locally:

  • sports team
  • theatre
  • community event
  • art exhibition
  • school project
  • local business competition

4. Generate local business links to your hair or beauty website

In this earlier post I share my ideas on why teaming up with local businesses is a must-have marketing tool. If you’ve got a minute it’s well worth a look.

As well as all these promotional and piggy-back marketing opportunities, partnering offers more valuable back-links to your salon website. In the excitement of dreaming up joint marketing offers and initiatives don’t overlook asking for that so-important back link to your website.

You’ll return the compliment, of course.

5. Local charity and community back-links

Last, but by no means least, getting stuck into fundraising for a local charity is a brilliant way to gain links and give something back to the community you live and work in.

Most local charities proudly acknowledge their benefactors and sponsors on their site with a link back to your website. It’s their way of saying ‘thank you’.

And again, you can help the charity’s SEO and Google ranking by blogging about your fundraising activities and linking back to their website.


As you can see building juicy back links from quality local businesses and organisations is a no risk marketing tool that pays big results.

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