A quick training idea for your hair salon team

Do you sometimes feel you’re banging your head against a brick wall when it comes to improving your salon client care levels?

Are your training sessions like wading through treacle – hard work and getting nowhere?

Sound familiar?

Why not try this easy peasy yet valuable customer care training idea at your next team meeting. It neatly reinforces how important first-class salon customer service is to your team while giving you a heap of new client care ideas.

And did I mention it works a treat for a beauty salon team too?


Training session idea

Ahead of the team meeting get everyone to think of a purchase they have made which costs about the same as your hairdressing salon charges for a cut and blow dry. It can be the purchase of an item or a service – it’s up to them.

Why this price band? Because you want to be able to prove that a big price ticket isn’t necessary for superb customer care. It happens at all price points.

The other criteria is they must have received fantastic customer care when they made this particular purchase.

Prior to your training session ask each salon member to make a detailed note of:

  • the people or companies they made those purchases from
  • how they found out about them (e.g. word of mouth, search engines, social media, advertising etc.)
  • why they went to that retailer and
  • identify the stand-out customer service element.

It’s well worth getting your team to think about this in advance – springing it on them in the salon training session is likely to backfire as they won’t be prepared.


Training ideas for out-of-this-world customer service

At the training meeting ask each person to explain what made them decide to spend their money with that particular retailer, rather than with someone else. Use it as a base for the team to discuss how other people or companies are successfully making sales in your price range.

Look at what all the retailers were doing that is the same or have in common and ask the question ‘Is our hair salon doing this?’ Whatever this is?


Implement the training ideas in your hair salon

Decide as a salon what lessons can be learnt and new ideas gained. Now agree to put it into practice and put a date on when you’ll start – that way you are more likely to do it.

This is a straightforward salon training exercise but it’s a good way of spotting good practice outside the hairdressing industry and working out what’s missing from your client service in your salon.

After all, your team bought from these ‘model’ retailers so they must be doing something right.

And if you really want to drive the training message home take your salon team to a business that gives great customer service and let them see wow service working in the real world. It could be a bar, hotel, local retailer or even another hair or beauty salon. Just make sure it’s not too close by…

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