Are you ducking salon client surveys and questionnaires?

Ever caught yourself muttering…

“It’s asking for trouble. They’ll just have a moan.”

“It’s boring. And I haven’t got time anyway.”

“But I already know what my salon clients think.”

In case you didn’t guess, the question is, “why don’t more hair and beauty businesses do regular customer research?”


What’s the big problem with salon client surveys?

I’m mystified why salons, spas and aesthetic clinics are so blasé about discovering what clients really think and feel about their visit and treatment.

Why the reticence to ask?

Worried if you prod you might hear something you don’t want to know? Something that could jolt you out of your cosy comfort zone?

Or perhaps you just haven’t got round to writing and designing a client questionnaire.

Why customer feedback is priceless

Four good salon business reasons to ask your clients for detailed feedback…

  • Understand what your clients like so you can do more of the same. But better.
  • Uncover the little niggles and gripes that drive them potty.
  • Discover new ideas for delivering a better client experience
  • Knowing what your clients like and want means better planning. Better goals.


Getting the most from your salon survey or questionnaire

1. Ask a mix of survey questions

We all like to believe our buying decisions are made consciously and rationally, yet they are far more likely to be made subconsciously and emotionally.

To dig deep beneath the surface you need to ask both open and closed questions. Use a mix of questions. You’ll see our salon client questionnaire includes a combination of:

  • Ratings questions where clients can score your hair and beauty business.
  • Simple yes/no ones.
  • Open questions so they can air their views.

2. Allow salon and spa clients to remain anonymous

You’ll see on my salon survey form we give the client the option to fill in their name. If you want your clients to be honest (and you do) then give them the ability to remain unidentified.

3. Don’t stand over clients as they complete your customer survey

I always ask the reception to hand a survey to every client as they arrive – together with a pen. This way:

  • The client can ponder their views throughout their visit.
  • If you wait until they pay they’ll be in a dash.
  • Have a box on reception so they can pop the completed survey in anonymously if they wish.

4. How long should I run my salon client survey? 

  • I suggest 10-12 weeks if possible. This way you’ll capture the views of many of your regular hair and beauty clients as well as a sprinkling of new ones.
  • I’d avoid summer holidays as you’ll be short-staffed. And the manic run-up to Christmas.

5. Incentivise clients to complete your questionnaire

Spa and salon owners often complain that clients don’t seem keen on surveys. I think this often reflects the diffidence of the salon owner in running the survey in the first place.

As well as following my tips above why not offer a prize to the first completed questionnaire drawn at the end of the survey period? Obviously, some clients may still wish to remain anonymous but enter all signed questionnaires into the draw.

6. Analyse the survey results then act

Finally, having collected all this feedback put time aside to analyse the replies. An excel spreadsheet works well or even a simple Word table.

Now you can make informed decisions about changes to your hair and beauty business. And take the right action.


Knowledge is power

So next time you find you find yourself muttering excuses for not running a client survey just remember the minute you stop listening your salon business will stop evolving. And if I’ve whetted your appetite for customer research you may like this simple inexpensive research idea.

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