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Do your profits plummet in autumn as salon clients s.t.r.e.t.c.h their appointments out to December?

Many hair and beauty businesses have a lean time in October/November. But it doesn’t have to be slow. Let’s look at nine ways to give your autumn marketing a boost:


#1. Use seasonal hooks for your marketing

Pink October, Movember, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Black Friday are all useful hooks for your autumn salon marketing. They give a reason for your promotions, add seasonality, and inject some fun. Make the most of them.


#2. Offer autumn salon specials

It’s tempting to squeeze in a flash sale when your phone – and till – stop ringing.

Don’t slash salon prices. Add value rather than discount if you can. Your loyal, regular clients already love what you do, so why throw your profit away by reducing your prices? It doesn’t make any business sense. It just hurts your bottom line.

To coax regular clients to book in these quieter fall months create a VIP offer. Add a free hair or beauty service which doesn’t cost you much money to do, but persuades regular clients to bring their appointment forward. Or even better, book an extra visit in November.

Try adding:

  • A complimentary file and polish for hands to every pedicure.
  • An upgrade to an Olaplex (or similar) treatment to hair colour services.
  • A complimentary mini microdermabrasion to facials.

Squeeze maximum profit out of autumn offers with clever terms and conditions:

  • Restrict to selected hair stylists/beauty therapists.
  • Only available on the quiet days and times of the week.
  • State the promotion end date to create a sense of urgency.

I’ve popped some more autumn promotion ideas in #5 👇🏻 so keep reading.


#3. Fall headfirst into autumn social media

Turn over a new leaf on your salon social:

1. Seasonal Reels and videos

These currently get the most engagement on Instagram and reach the most people. If you’re adding a complimentary mini microdermabrasion to facials as your autumn offer you could create a Reel setting out the benefits in a fun, casual but still professional way. Or shoot a video of a microdermabrasion treatment and add your offer at the end.

Remember to:

  • add a call-to-action to book
  • create an Instagram Highlight so your marketing doesn’t just disappear a few hours later.

2. Marketing essentials

Basic but easily overlooked: update your Facebook Cover photo to reflect the changing seasons.

You could include your autumn offer in the new Cover image and pin an offer post to the top of your Page’s timeline.

3. Advertise autumn specials on your salon social

Invest in some Facebook advertising to promote your offer as only 5-8% of your followers will get your organic (non-paid for) in their feed.

And don’t forget to push the advert out to your Instagram followers at the same time. As Facebook owns Instagram they can be scheduled together for easy marketing.

Free hands-on advertising course

If you’re a Salon Social Club member take my free hands-on advertising course to attract new clients.

I walk you through my ‘painting by numbers’ blueprint to run your own new client ad campaign. The offer. The advert. And which buttons to click in Facebook. Everything.

At the end of the course, you’ll have your very own ready-to-roll advert. You’ll press publish on your own advertising campaign. Go live. And start attracting new clients to grow your hair or beauty biz.

Members: login to join the waitlist here.

4. Connect not sell

Avoid selling all the time on social media. Instead build new relationships and position yourself as an expert with advice posts, Q&A sessions and step-by-step video tutorials around the changing season.


#4. Promote October/November in salon

1. Promote salon retail

If you’ve premises make the most of your ‘free’ advertising space:

Give windows an eye-catching autumn makeover with seasonal products and props.

Encourage clients to switch up their selfcare routines with fall-themed retail displays with this season’s must-have products and colours. Find 10 merchandising and retail display tips here.

And if you have digital signage then remember to update that too.

2. Autumn calling

Add your seasonal promotions and specials to your voicemail and message services.

Pop a reminder on any automatically generated emails or texts from your salon software. Many EPOS salon systems let you place a message on your till receipts too. Remind your team to draw clients’ attention to it as they hand over the receipt.


#5. More salon promotions for autumn

Three more offer ideas:

1. Beauty bundle offers

Create a menu of mini treatments and offer a choice of three at one appointment for £x.

2. End of summer retail sale

Clear space for autumn stock and give your cash flow a helping hand with a sale of summer products. Either discount or offer extra loyalty rewards.

3. Seasonal treatments

Run an added value offer on treatments and services that work well for the chillier months, like laser hair removal and hair smoothing.


#6. Put your salon team to work this fall

Encourage your team to spread the word over the coming months:

1. Get them onboard


  • why you’re running an autumn offer and
  • the benefits of adding value rather than just discounting.

2. Reward management

If it’s quiet employees can start to feel a bit flat and restless. Re-engage and re-energise them with a mini competition to reward those therapists, stylists and receptionists who get the most clients booked in for the promotion appointments. Or sell the most autumnal retail.

Prompt your team to chat to clients about the offer by popping graphics – I like strut cards or mirror talkers – around the place to kick-start conversations.

Cross sell opportunities…

Having tempted clients to book in October/November, while they are with you:


#7. Partner for autumn promotions

Coordinate your marketing message, share resources, and slash your marketing budget by buddying up with a local biz partner.

Avoid the pitfalls with my practical tips here.


#8. Blog your way to a busy autumn

Blogging is still an invaluable way to build trust and stand out from the local competition. Learn why a salon blog is still a marketing-must in 2021 and how to write one here.

Or if you’d like a ready-to-roll monthly blog head over to my new Salon Social Club. Membership includes a professionally written blog template every month as part of your Club Content.


#9. Autumn business boosters

Three ideas for using your gift cards to boost spending:

1. A big thank you

Thank high spending clients this autumn with a surprise complimentary gift card. It helps keep them loyal and spending – 65% of gift card holders spend an extra 38% beyond the value of the card. (source)

2. Winning ways

Offer a generous gift card as the prize for an autumn social giveaway contest.

#Marketingtip: Make sure it can only be redeemed for services, not retail. This way you attract local people and can turn the winner’s visit into a marketing opportunity.

For ideas on selling more gift cards head to my blog here.

3. One day only…

To encourage gift card sales hold a one day only upgrade sale. Try:

  • Buy a £50 gift card and we’ll upgrade it to £60.
  • Buy a £X gift card and get a free [XXXX]. This could be a low-cost (to you) hair or beauty treatment, a retail gift or discount on a future service. The options are endless. Just don’t give too much profit away.


Get marketing…

If your biz is looking quiet over the autumn weeks block out a couple of hours now. Get planning. Then swing into marketing action.

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