Is your salon music earning you money?

My recent blog on noisy salons seems to have struck a chord, with many business owners getting in touch. So, I thought I’d continue the theme. But this time I’m blogging about ‘profitable noise’.

Your salon music.

Yes, that’s right. Your choice of music influences your salon profits.

You may think that compiling a playlist of your favourite tracks is job done. You couldn’t be more mistaken.


An important salon marketing tool

I’ve just read a fascinating article in Business Insider about the surprising effect music can have on retail spending habits. And business profitability.

There are numerous academic studies showing how background music strongly influences consumers’ behaviour. And anything which boosts sales for hair and beauty salons is an important marketing tool.

So, I thought I’d share four ideas from the article – I’ve given them a hair and beauty slant to show you how you can use them in your salon or spa.


Choose the right tempo to increase hair and beauty sales

Pace and beat can have a massive effect on retail sales.

Slow music causes shoppers to move more slowly, but they also buy more.

A study conducted in two supermarkets saw a big jump in sales when slow tempo music was played. Average sales increased by a whopping 38%.

So if you want to sell more take-home products play some slow, laid back music in your retail area. Choose slow tracks too when you have a salon retail evening.


Keep waiting clients happy – for longer

Always play music in your salon reception/seating area. Research reveals clients perceive a shorter wait time when they hear music that they like.

So if you do have to keep salon clients waiting they will be less likely to complain. And more likely to spend money.


Classical music boosts salon spend

When it comes to classical music versus contemporary pop there is some interesting research.

Classical music generally increases the amount of money consumers are willing to spend – mainly because people tend to choose more expensive goods when classical music is playing.

Jazz-based music has a similar effect to classical.

A small word of caution: studies show classical music makes people think of a store or salon as high-end. This isn’t always right for all hair and beauty businesses.


Hanging on the (salon) telephone

And finally, one you’ve probably guessed – but it’s good to know the science backs it up. Playing music when telephone callers are on hold makes them stay on the line longer before hanging up.

I spend a lot of time calling hair and beauty salons and I can confirm this one works a treat on me. Even the more basic of handsets can be programmed to do this. And it is so much better than the ‘Sound of Silence’. No more wondering have I been cut off? Shall I hang up?

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