Stay cool in salon when it’s sizzling outside

I’m booked in for a cut and colour later this week and the weather forecast is hot, hot, hot!

Summer heat waves are great for a languid afternoon poolside. But not such fun if you’re sweltering beneath a hairdressing cape, blasted by hairdryers and cooking nicely under heat-retaining foils.

Let’s look at:

  • How to give your clients a better salon experience when it’s hot.
  • Keeping your hair or beauty team cool and focused.


#1. Hot tips to keep clients cool in salon

Toasting clients can soon turn to grouchy clients.

But don’t despair.

If your salon doesn’t boast air conditioning try these ideas to keep your clients cool and refreshed:


1. Summer quenchers for sizzling salon clients

Start by adding some zingy zest to your salon drinks’ menu.

Slake your clients’ thirst with a revitalising choice of chilled herbal teas and infusions, iced coffee, non-alcoholic cocktails, still & fizzy mineral water, fruit juices or chilled bubbly.

Stock up on cooling ice cubes – easy and cheap to buy in bulk from supermarkets. A handful of crushed ice works wonders in a long tall glass. Just add a twist of exotic fruit.

Bring your home juicer into the salon and offer healthy green options. Not one for the end of a busy week I admit, but brilliant earlier in the week when you’re quieter.

How about some locally-churned artisan ice-cream? Most local producers sell bite-sized cartons just perfect for serving in salon. Cardamom and ginger anyone?

Yes, of course all these costs a little more and take time, but how much does it cost you to lose a salon client?

Too much.


2. Beat the heat in salon

  • Windows: Don’t make the mistake of thinking open windows make for a cooler salon. They don’t. On the continent they pull the blinds down, keep doors and windows shut and ensure the searing heat stays outside. Be continental.
  • Fans: Invest in some fans to cool down. But remember, fans cool people, not rooms so there’s no point leaving them running overnight.
  • If you’re quick off the mark you can buy or hire a portable air conditioning unit. I was in a beauty salon today that had one and it made an impressive difference.
  • Cooling sprays: How about providing iced face sprays or individual hand held fans?
  • Washrooms: Pop a spray can of deodorant or body spritz in your washrooms and treatment rooms for clients to freshen up.
  • Backwash: Be cool at the backwash. Try turning your backwash down a couple of degrees for a more revitalising client experience. Combine with a soothing head massage and clients watch clients feel relaxed and chilled.


3. Cool calm salon music on a hot summer’s day

Sweltering airless muggy salon?

Try soothing calm music to lower the temperature. Music has a powerful affect on mood as this blog post shows.


4. Cool vibes on salon social

Your salon social media is the perfect marketing channel to show clients the steps you’re taking to keep their visit chilled. Post reels, stories and multi-image posts of those pretty, iced drinks, hydrating face mists and showcase the cool vibe. Need some social inspo? Head over to my Salon Social Club.

And of course, if you have air con then shout about this on your social media and your regular e-newsletter.


#2. Hot tips to keep your salon team cool

There isn’t a maximum workplace temperature as such in the UK. That said, you can’t just ignore soaring salon temperatures during a heat wave. Gorgeous as it is, hot weather brings its own business challenges.

The UK Health & Safety Executive refers to ‘reasonable temperatures’ when discussing salon owners’ responsibilities in blistering weather. Apart from creating a more comfortable environment during scorching temperatures, you need to show yourself as a caring employer to your salon team.


1. Salon employee problems in hot weather:

  • A high pollen count affects salon team members who suffer from hay fever and asthma related illnesses. As a sufferer myself I understand how debilitating this can be. It’s miserable and affects performance.
  • General irritability can lead to conflict with other salon employees. We all hate being hot and sticky and tempers fray.
  • Tiredness, due to heat, can result in accidents and silly mistakes which can cost your business money or result in an insurance claim.


2. Ensure your salon team stay cool

Try these six simple tips to improve salon working conditions in hot weather:

  • Relax the salon dress code without comprising standards.
  • Consider alternative shift patterns or working hours – perhaps earlier start and finish times.
  • Pay special attention to those at higher risk i.e. pregnant or older salon employees.
  • Provide better ventilation and airflow through the salon.
  • Improve the frequency and choice of drinks available to your team.
  • Stack the staff room fridge with chilled drinks and ice cream treats.


With temperatures soaring into the mid 30s I can’t say I’m relishing my cut and colour hairdressing appointment this week. But with the grey hairs showing I need to go – so I’ll let you know whether this award-winning hair salon made me feel cool, calm and collected. Or not.

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