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“We bought the latest skin rejuvenation system at the Professional Beauty Show, it’s arriving next week so we need to book loads of appointments asap – it’s cost us a fortune.”

I hear this so often from aesthetic and beauty business owners…

But just because a treatment is new it doesn’t mean your clients are going to rush to book appointments.

Of course you love your shiny new toy. But clients are often suspicious of ‘new’. There’s an element of uncertainty with anything novel and untried.


New treatment ahead. Approach with caution.

Think about it:

You are asking clients to take a bit of a gamble. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and you start to understand why they feel wary. With any new skincare or fat loss treatment it’s human nature to wonder:

  • Does it work?
  • Are there unknown side-effects?
  • Am I a guinea pig? Is the therapist still getting to know the equipment? Has she had plenty of training and experience?

So feeling a tad apprehensive, and outside their comfort zone, clients often decide “it’s probably best to leave it for now”.

They wait and see. And you are left disappointed with the bookings for your brand new beauty treatment.


So what’s the marketing answer?

[1] Do your homework first

Don’t sign up for a new treatment or equipment then decide to market it. Sounds obvious I know; but trade show offers and reps can be so persuasive and before you know it you’ve signed on that dotted line.

Do your homework in the months leading up to the show by simply chatting to your best clients about the new treatments you’re thinking about, and go armed with the facts about what your clients really want.

Doing client research before you get tempted by show offers means you understand what your clients want. And, most importantly, will use.

[2] Boost trust in your new treatment

Crucially, you now also understand your clients’ worries and concerns about your new treatment and can build trust into your marketing. To successfully market any new aesthetic or beauty treatment you need to build trust. Not just trust in your salon or clinic, but trust in that rather intimidating piece of kit sitting in the corner of your treatment room.


Wondering how to create trust in your new treatment?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Many aesthetic and beauty manufacturers give you a marketing head start by getting celebrity endorsements for their product. Use them. Your younger audience in particular are very influenced by what celebs say, so don’t overlook these, they are an immediate way to build trust in your new treatment.
  • Testimonials: you want at least a couple before you launch your new treatment. Offer free pre-launch treatments to your best clients – it’s extra practice for your team too.
  • Start shouting about your team’s external training course as soon as you can on social and your website. Don’t wait until the new treatment is launched.
  • Focus on the benefits of the new treatment, not just ‘how it works’ in your marketing materials. This is particularly important with advanced aesthetic equipment where it can be too easy to fall into technical jargon and blind your reader with science. For example:
    • painless
    • clinically proven
    • faster
    • longer lasting
    • more visible results
    • reduced downtime
  • Word of mouth is one of the best ways to create trust in a new treatment so they make sure clients have every encouragement to shout about it to friends. Use added value launch promotions so clients can see the benefits of the treatment for themselves. For example: a course of 6 is likely to give better results than 4, so offer a “book 4 treatments and receive 2 extra free”.

When marketing any new beauty or aesthetic treatment or service just remember that marketing it as ‘new’ is unlikely to be enough on its own to persuade clients to try it. First, do your research and invest in the right new product for your clients and then build trust in it through your marketing.


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