Two magic words to make your salon grow

I opened my emails this morning and found myself smiling. A beauty spa owner from the other side of the world had popped me an email thanking me for the marketing tips I share in my Grow Your Salon blog.

I had assumed it was because I’m old school that I value those two little words, “thank you”. But coincidently this afternoon I stumbled across a scientific study explaining the warm fuzzy feelings I had when reading those thanks from sunny foreign shores.

Read on and I’ll show you how simple gratitude will grow your salon or spa business. It’s not as cheesy as you think.


Why salon growth and thanks go hand in hand

Researchers asked university students to help mentor a high school pupil by commenting on a university admission’s essay she’d supposedly written.

All the university students then received a handwritten note from the pupil. 50% of these notes included “Thank you SO much for all the time and effort you put into doing that for me!”

Researchers discovered the students who were thanked in the note were more likely to provide their contact details (phone number or email address) for the pupil than those who were not thanked. The grateful pupils were also rated as having significantly warmer personalities by their student mentors.


Gratitude is a game changer in business

Gratitude is powerful concluded the scientists.


Because it changes how people think about you.

You don’t need a scientist to tell you this. Take a minute to reflect on your own life and business experiences, and you’ll probably reach the same conclusion. Appreciation and thanks are cornerstones of legendary customer service.

It set me thinking about how best to harness this powerful ‘thank you’ marketing tool in your hair or beauty business. And here they are…


5 ways to use thanks to grow your hair or beauty business

They may seem easy-peasy, yet use them and you’ll add sparkle to your salon marketing. It might make you feel good about yourself too.

  • Make time every few days to say thanks – to your clients, team and local business contacts and influencers. Easier said than done.
  • An email is good. A handwritten note better. We want maximum impact here.
  • Nurturing a business contact? Remember to copy in their boss. We all love recognition.
  • A salon team member? Then public thanks and appreciation can be even more motivating than a quiet private word.
  • Encourage a “thank you” culture in your salon with clients. It takes seconds to thank a client for their business and visit, and costs nothing.


And to the beauty salon owner from California – thank you for making me smile this morning. I really did appreciate it. It brightened my day and inspired this post 🙂

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