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Are your team using the right words when talking to your hair or beauty clients?

Words, spoken and unspoken, are one of the most powerful marketing tools you have.

They are also free.

Think about it:

You can market your business, give your clients a fabulous customer experience and deliver a knockout blow to your competition…. for free.

Let me show you:

Here are 3 ideas that won’t cost a penny of your salon marketing budget, but will make a whopping impact on how your hair or beauty client feels about your customer service:


1. Salon dunno…

This makes me want to scream.

Whether I’m booking a beauty appointment, or asking a trainee what shampoo is being used on my hair, the “I dunno” (AKA “you’re boring me”) response makes me feel I’m an irritating nuisance.

Not a valued client.

As a salon customer I want to hear, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out for you.”

There’s no shame in not knowing the answer to a question. But it’s better to come clean than waffle, or worse, ruin your personal credibility with a blatantly bogus reply.  No-one expects us to know the answer to everything.

Show your team how to positively deal with these awkward situations with the right words, and you’ll have a more confident employee and a happier client.


2. Words of appreciation

One of the things I mark salons down for is being abandoned at the end of my hair or beauty treatment.

I’ve just had a fabulous facial or blow-dry, the service has been super-attentive and I’m loving the visit.

Then, usually because they are running late, I find myself unceremoniously dumped at reception.

Without a word.

Talk about down to earth with a bump.

It takes seconds to tell a client you genuinely appreciate their custom:

  • Use my name
  • Offer to answer any questions.
  • Check I’m happy with the service.
  • Now thank me for my business.

Simple, effective words. That cost nothing. It’s free salon marketing.


3. Enchant your salon client for free

We all know this one.

But do we do it?

All of the time?

Educate your team to greet hair and beauty clients by name, and with a smile, as they walk in the salon door. They will feel warm, valued and immediately at ease.

Nothing is sweeter than the sound of our own name. WOW customer service starts here.


Words are powerful

I guess you’re thinking “of course, my team always say that…”

But do they really?

Take 5 minutes doing some impromptu research in your salon and find out. Here’s how.

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.
– Rudyard Kipling


Interested in marketing your hair, aesthetic or beauty business?

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