How to make your salon business more successful with smart marketing

Are you squeezing the most from your existing client base?

Have you unlocked all that hidden business potential?

Probably not if you’re using a one-size-fits all approach to salon marketing.


Sweat your (salon) assets

Hair and beauty salons can be so busy pursuing new clients they neglect the goldmine on their doorstep. Your current client base is most likely full of untapped profitable business.

Here’s how to exploit that profit opportunity.


A winning formula for your salon business

An all-purpose marketing campaign is not going to succeed here. I find a series of mini salon marketing projects is what’s needed.

First, I break a salon’s current clients down into like-minded groups. The marketing term for this is ‘segmenting’. Just like an orange really – lots of individual juicy segments combine to create the whole fruit.

Segmenting your salon client base into similar groups allows you to precisely target each group with its own clear-cut marketing message.

Why do we want to do this?

Simply because a precise, tailored marketing message is much more likely to hit the spot and get clients to spend more with your salon.

A scatter-gun approach doesn’t work. The big brands know this. How often do you receive an offer from a supermarket or online retailer and the timing seems uncanny? It’s because they understand the power of pin-point accuracy when it comes to marketing to their existing customers.

“The right message, to the right customer at the right time”


Smarter salon marketing makes your business more successful

So where is this all this hidden salon business? Which client segments are we talking about?

Let’s start with the easy ones. Does your salon specifically and regularly target:

  • First visit clients
  • And again after their second salon visit?
  • What about those who never came back for that second visit?

Quiet on certain days? Create a salon marketing campaign focusing on these niche client segments to persuade them to visit on your quieter days. This frees up time in busy periods which you know you can fill with new salon clients. Look at:

  • Clients who currently visit on Friday and Saturday.
  • Ones who always book late nights. It may be they can only visit then or it may just be habit.
  • Then there’s the group who always visit in the mornings…
  • Or the afternoons.
  • Home in on clients whose partner goes to another salon.

A targeted mini salon marketing campaign is perfect for increasing frequency of visits:

  • How about a promotion aimed specifically at those clients who only visit every 6 months?
  • Perhaps those who only visit pre-summer hols or at Christmas?
  • Or those clients who just visit your hair salon during colour sales.

A targeted marketing campaign is ideal for your highest spending salon clients too. Following the 80/20 rule it’s likely 80% of your work is generated by 20% of your clients. So find out who they are and get the most out of them:

  • Your top 20% by spend.
  • The clients who visit your salon most often.
  • What about your top 50 colour clients for hair salons?
  • Or your most regular facial treatment clients.
  • If they only come for hair extensions what else can you up-sell them to?

Want to boost salon retail?

  • Target a mini marketing campaign at those clients who regularly buy retail.
  • And a different campaign at those who never buy from you.
  • The same goes for in-salon hair treatments.

Aim your marketing at age-specific segments:

  • Busy mums with young children.
  • Students.
  • More mature clients are likely to have a higher disposable income.


Smart salon marketing = a more successful stable business

Each of the above hair or beauty client segments (groups) will respond best to a customised marketing message.

You may only be talking to a small percentage of your salon client base at any one time but target your salon marketing message and you’ll really hit home. It’s an inexpensive yet highly effective way to make your salon business more successful. Need some help? Drop me a line or call.

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